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Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks Bulgarians abroad for assistance in organizing elections

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its gratitude to Bulgarian communities abroad for their assistance in organizing the election process around the world. In the presidential and vice presidential election..

22.11.21 16:38 |

Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova win the presidential runoff with 66.72% of the votes cast

With 100% of the tally sheets being processed, the presidential candidate Rumen Radev with running mate Iliana Yotova wins 66.72% of the votes cast. Anastas Gerdzhikov with running mate Nevyana Miteva wins 31.8% of the votes. Rumen Radev and..

22.11.21 12:29 |

Record high voter turnout among Bulgarians in US

A record number of Bulgarian citizens in the United States exercised their right to vote in the Bulgarian parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14 - over 11,300 people. This breaks the record of 10,500 Bulgarians who voted..

16.11.21 11:16 |

Parallel vote tabulation by Gallup International: Rumen Radev earns 50% of the votes

Rumen Radev earned 50% of the votes at the Presidential elections. This is shown by  the data from the parallel vote tabulation of 100% of the Gallup representative sample.  Anastas Gerdzhikov placed second- 24%. As of 20.00 pm on..

15.11.21 08:54 |

"We Continue the Change": Bulgaria will have coalition government

Bulgarian voters have made it clear that they want Bulgaria to take a new path. This was announced at a briefing by the co-chair of "We Continue the Change", Kiril Petkov. He said that "We Continue the Change" knew Bulgaria needed a..

14.11.21 22:25 |

Gallup parallel vote tabulation: "We Continue the Change" is 3% ahead of GERB-SDS

The data from the parallel vote tabulation conducted by the Gallup sociological agency, a media partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show the following results after 85% implementation: "We Continue the Change": 26.3%,..

14.11.21 22:14 |

Parvan Simeonov: Votes from abroad will be decisive for final result

The votes coming from abroad will be decisive on whether GERB-SDS or "We Continue the Change" will be first political force in the next parliament , Parvan Simeonov, executive director of Gallup International, has told BNR. According..

14.11.21 21:01 |

The main obstacle on election day is the pandemic situation

Bulgarians are once again in front of the ballot boxes. For the third time this year Bulgarians elect representation in the National Assembly. The importance of the elections is big as today Bulgaria also decides who its head of state in the..

14.11.21 09:30 |

Appeal filed against manual counting of machine voting receipts

The "Democratic Bulgaria" coalition has filed an appeal in the Supreme Administrative Court against the instructions adopted by the Central Election Commission to manually count the control receipts from the machine voting for..

01.11.21 12:53 |
Daniel Mitov

GERB: Movement for Rights and Freedoms has pumped votes into ITN

GERB-SDS leads over "There is Such a People" (ITN) by nearly 30,000 votes in terms of the number of ballots cast in Bulgaria, said Daniel Mitov at a briefing of GERB party. ITN won the early general elections, because it earned a high number of..

18.07.21 14:41 |
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