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The voting abroad was crucial for the final results of the election

The 11 July snap election is now history but analyses of the election results still dominate the media. In anticipation of the official constitution of the 46 th National Assembly, we take a rather different view and analyze the way our..

15.07.21 13:26 |

784 polling stations open abroad for upcoming elections

Bulgarians in 68 countries across the world will vote in a total of 784 polling stations on July 11, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported. The biggest number of polling stations open in the UK - 135, followed by Germany with 117, and..

21.06.21 17:47 |

CEC: If a voting machine fails to operate properly, paper ballots will be used

The chairwoman of the new Central Election Commission, Kamelia Neykova, assured that there would be an opportunity for all citizens to vote , given the new requirement that the vote be conducted only by machine. She specified that in any case there..

09.05.21 15:53 |

Bulgarians abroad demand new election rules cancellation

Over the weekend Bulgarians residing and working abroad organized protests and petitions to the National Assembly and the president declaring their opposition to restrictions of their right to vote in Bulgarian elections in the wake of latest..

24.04.16 14:16 |
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