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Election day in Bulgaria has started

According to the Bulgarian legislation, election premises are unsealed and the election day is opened by the chairman of the Section Election Commission at 7.00 a.m. In order for this to happen more than half of the members of the commission..

04.04.21 07:10 |

Voting machines for upcoming elections in Bulgaria strictly guarded

Voting machines for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria are stored in a warehouse guarded by the gendarmerie as access to the premises is controlled. In connection with the doubts expressed by politicians that there are people with criminal..

07.03.21 13:46 |

Central Election Commission promises voting machines will be delivered on time

President Rumen Radev has asked for guarantees that the voting machines for the upcoming parliamentary elections will be delivered on time and audited according to a methodology that excludes manipulations with the machine vote. This happened at today's..

08.01.21 19:08 |

307 polling stations in 71 countries at upcoming presidential elections

Polling stations abroad for the upcoming elections for president and vice-president on 6 November number a total of 307 in 71 countries.  At 500 polling stations across Bulgaria ballots will be cast using voting machines. At these elections..

20.10.16 15:49 |
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