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Electoral sentiments at the beginning of the campaign for the April 2 snap general elections

The campaign for the April 2 snap general elections in Bulgaria kicked off on March 3. The next vote will be the fifth in two years. The failed attempts to form a regular cabinet, as well as the controversy over the amendments to the Electoral..

06.03.23 14:36 |
Associate Professor Stoycho Stoychev

Stoycho Stoychev: One kind of voting technology will produce a certain kind of favorite, another kind of technology will produce a different favorite

"One kind of voting technology will produce a certain kind of favorite. Another kind of technology will produce a different favorite. Machine voting strengthened the parliamentary representation of parties that are less visible. However, this..

29.01.23 16:28 |
The Central Election Commission’s Deputy Chairperson Tsvetozar Tomov

CEC: April 2 is a possible date for holding early elections

"We will be able to organize the early elections without stress if they are scheduled for April 23. However, April 2 is also an option, the Central Election Commission’s Deputy Chairperson Tsvetozar Tomov said for the BNR.  "It would be a..

24.01.23 12:30 |

Parliament votes in favour of paper-or-machine voting after 18 hours of arguments and quarrelling

At a sitting of the National Assembly that dragged on for 18 hours, the MPs voted (with the votes of GERB-SDS, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and до the Bulgarian Socialist Party), at second reading, that voters shall exercise their right to..

02.12.22 17:52 |

Prosecutor’s office tasks State Agency for National Security with probe into allegations of election fraud

The prosecutor’s office is launching an ex-ante probe into allegations by the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova of manipulated machine voting during the snap election for parliament in October this year. “We have serious..

28.11.22 13:38 |
GERB MP Radomir Cholakov

GERB MP: We should reinstate the paper ballot in order to restore confidence

"On the very night of the elections, We Continue the Change said unequivocally that we would head for another snap vote, because they were not pleased with the election result", Radomir Cholakov, MP from GERB-SDS and Chairman of the National Assembly..

27.11.22 14:07 |
Former PM Kiril Petkov (C) in parliament

Ex-PM Kiril Petkov: A return to paper ballots is effrontery

Former Prime Minister and co-chairman of We Continue the Change party Kiril Petkov called the return to the use of paper ballots, planned by several political parties “effrontery”. In his words, the mixed system – paper ballots and..

04.11.22 13:13 |

69 reports of violations on election day so far

There are 23 polling stations in Bulgaria in which, due to problems with the voting machines, voting with paper ballots was used, the Central Election Commission announced . With three of the machines, voting was suspended after the words "Diary tampered"..

02.10.22 18:10 |

Political parties will have access to the information from the voting machines

The representatives of the political parties in the elections will be given access to the source code of the software for the voting machines. This was announced by the Ministry of Electronic Government.  Despite the expressed doubts of many of the..

28.09.22 14:29 |

Central Electoral Commission: All machine vote slips shall be counted

“The voting machines which Bulgarians in the US, Canada, the UK and Greece will be using at the upcoming election have already been sent out,” Central Electoral Commission (CEC) spokesperson Rossitsa Mateva has announced. 301 is the number of..

22.09.22 11:36 |
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