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Bulgarian citizens with expired ID documents will also be able to vote

Voters whose identity documents have expired after March 13, 2020, will be able to exercise their right to vote with them in the July 11 early parliamentary elections , Bulgaria's Central Election Commission decided. As in the previous parliamentary..

17.06.21 10:40 |
Stoil Tsitselkov

Ballots will be used for voting abroad instead of machines

There will be no machine voting abroad, Stoil Tsitselkov, deputy chairman of the Public Council at the Central Election Commission - CEC, has told BNR's Horizont program. There has been no practice of delivering machines around the world,..

08.06.21 11:54 |

Head of Ciela Norma: CEC set price of voting machines without market research

In an interview with, the head of Ciela Norma, Veselin Todorov, expressed his doubts that any market research or consultations for determining the budget needed for buying the additional voting machines for the upcoming parliamentary..

06.06.21 11:45 |

Parliament adopts at first reading the creation of constituency "Abroad"

The Bulgarian Parliament has unanimously adopted at first reading changes to the country's Electoral Code introduced by the "There is such a people" (ITN) party. The changes include removing the restriction on the opening of polling stations in non-EU..

23.04.21 19:34 |

6 political parties to enter the new Bulgarian Parliament

6 political parties are sure to enter the new Bulgarian parliament, according to the parallel vote tabulation of Gallup International with 100% of the Gallup representative sample. The GERB-SDS coalition won the parliamentary elections with..

05.04.21 12:32 |
The queue in front of the Bulgarian embassy in London

Elections in Great Britain: Queues in front of polling stations in London, Election Day in Exeter proceeding smoothly

In some places in Great Britain the voting is going ahead smoothly, but in others the members of the election commissions are under enormous strain. Some of the voters have given up waiting to cast their vote because of the huge queues...

04.04.21 16:12 |

28.5% of Bulgarian voters prefer machine voting: Exacta research

28.5% of Bulgarians who will vote in the April 4 parliamentary elections prefer machine voting , indicates a survey conducted by Exacta Research Group between March 12 to March 20.  These are mostly voters under the age of 40, university graduates and..

30.03.21 19:53 |

Citizens take part in trial machine voting in central Sofia

The Public Council of the Central Election Commission (CEC) organized a demonstration of trial machine voting in front of the National Assembly building. The demonstrations were held with the assistance of the National Assembly, the supplier of the..

30.03.21 17:31 |

Fewer representatives of local communities in election commissions abroad

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission has complied with the law when appointing members of sectional election commissions abroad. CEC spokesman Dimitar Dimitrov said complaints about the appointment  of sectional election commissions abroad came mainly..

29.03.21 16:55 |

CEC: Deadline for announcing the election results will be met

The four-day deadline for announcing the final results of the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria will not be violated. This was stated to the BNR by th e spokesman of the Central Election Commission Dimitar Dimitrov, specifying that this will happen..

28.03.21 15:31 |
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