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Ministry of Foreign Affairs starts preparations for voting abroad

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has started organizing the parliamentary elections abroad so that Bulgarians living outside the country can vote despite the difficult epidemic situation , the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced...

17.01.21 11:21 |

President Radev holds pre-election consultations with parliamentary political parties

The consultations of Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev on the organization of the upcoming parliamentary elections continue. Today the president will meet with the political parties which are currently represented in the Bulgarian parliament without the..

12.01.21 13:00 |

Tourism Ministry to announce winners in online voting for annual tourism awards

The winners in the  online voting for the annual awards in tourism organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism will be announced tonight. The initiative aims to contribute to the promotion of Bulgarian tourism by presenting to the public the..

11.12.20 07:15 |

Bulgaria to need 10,000 machines for machine voting

According to CEC spokesman Alexander Andreev, 10,000 voting machines will be needed to ensure normal election process. Andreev said this in an interview with BNT. It is not yet possible to say what the voting machines would be, or when they would..

30.09.20 11:08 |

Bulgarians to be able to choose machine voting or paper ballot at next elections

In the next elections, voting in Bulgaria will be mixed - either with paper ballots or with voting machines - in polling stations with more than 300 voters. The new rules will apply also for presidential elections, as well as for elections for members..

16.09.20 17:00 |

Gallup International: Over 600,000 Bulgarians would sell their vote

Over 600,000 Bulgarians admit that they would vote under pressure or if they receive financial stimulus, a survey of Gallup International shows. The survey was provoked by publications, according to which the price of a vote fluctuates between EUR 75..

22.10.19 14:52 |
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