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The wave of cooler weather will continue on Thursday

On Thursday, the maximum temperatures will range from 25 to 30°C . There will be short-term rainfall, thunderstorms and hail in Eastern Bulgaria. In the west it will be sunny with temporary clouds. The weather along the Black Sea coast will not be..

06.07.22 19:45 |

Bulgaria Today – 10 June 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on June 10. We open up with the leading news and stories today and a weather report for tomorrow. Next, we are to tell you more about engineer Stoimen Sarafov, benefactor of the Sarafovo residential area in..

10.06.22 18:00 |

Bulgaria Today – 25 May 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on May 25 .    We start with a summary of the main news stories and a weather report for tomorrow.  Next, we talk to Bulgarian hydrobiologist Dr. Vesela Evtimova and her studies of tiny creatures in Antarctica  At the..

25.05.22 18:00 |

Clear skies and sunshine expected across the country on Friday

On Friday, the minimum temperatures in Bulgaria will be between 1 °C and 6 °C, in some valleys a little lower, in Sofia around 3 °C . It will be sunny during the day across the country. In the afternoon there will be scattered high clouds. A light to..

14.04.22 19:45 |

Temperatures to drop slightly on Thursday, rain expected

On Thursday, the minimum temperatures will be between 5 and 10 °C, in Sofia around 5 °C . The clouds will increase from the west and will cover the whole country. In many places there will be short-term afternoon precipitation, thunderstorms..

06.04.22 19:35 |

Weather report for Wednesday: Falling temperatures bring snow showers

Precipitation will continue in the afternoon. In almost all districts of Western and Central Bulgaria there is a first degree warning, code yellow, for significant precipitation. Moderate and temporarily strong northwesterly winds in the western..

22.02.22 19:45 |

Bulgaria Today – February 11, 2022

Welcome to “Bulgaria Today” on  Friday, February 11. We open up with summary of the leading news today, the latest about the Covid pandemic here, sports headlines from Beijing and a weather report for the weekend first.  Next, we bring you an..

11.02.22 18:00 |

Bulgaria Today – January 27, 2022

We open up with a summary of leading news and stories today and weather report for tomorrow. Next, workers in the tourist industry describe the ski season in the resort of Pamporovo and in the nearby town of Chepelare as surprisingly good...

27.01.22 18:00 |

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