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Sunshine, occasional showers expected in Bulgaria on Wednesday

During the night over Western Bulgaria the rain will stop and the clouds will disperse . There will be temporary increases in cloudiness over the central and eastern regions and light rain in some places. Sunshine is in the forecast for Wednesday...

24.05.22 17:45 |

Sunshine, high temperatures, short showers expected on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the minimum temperatures in Bulgaria will be from 11 to 14 °C, in the capital Sofia - 12 °C . It will be sunny during the day. Local brief showers are expected. The maximum temperatures will be between 24 °C and 29 °C, for Sofia - 27 °C...

23.05.22 19:45 |

Sunny spells and clouds on Monday

During the night the northwesterly wind will subside. There will be more clouds in northeastern Bulgaria and in the southwestern regions of the country. On Monday, May 23, the weather will be predominantly sunny with more clouds in..

22.05.22 17:50 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Sunday, May 22

A cold atmospheric front will sweep across the country on Sunday. Clouds will temporarily increase. Occasional showers are expected in some areas of Northwestern Bulgaria in the morning and in the south and southeastern parts of the country at noon..

21.05.22 17:35 |

Weather forecast for May 21: Warm and sunny Saturday expected

On Saturday the lowest temperatures in Bulgaria will range from 10 °C to 13 °C, in the capital city - around 10°C. It will be sunny during the day. There will be light northwesterly wind. The highest temperatures will rise and reach between 28°C..

20.05.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for May 19: Sunny weather in Bulgaria

During the night the clouds will break and the sky over the whole country will be clear. The wind in most areas will subside. In some places, along rivers, visibility might be reduced by fog. On Thursday (May 19) the weather will be..

18.05.22 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, May 17

Temporary fog is expected near the water basins and the valleys on Tuesday morning. The minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 10°C and 14°C, for Sofia- around 10°C. It will be sunny during the day. Clouds will form in the afternoon hours...

16.05.22 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, May 16

The minimum temperatures on Monday will fluctuate between 9°C and 15°C, for Sofia- around 9°C. It will be sunny in Western and Central Bulgaria. Occasional showers and thunderstorms are expected in the eastern parts of the country and..

15.05.22 17:35 |

Weather forecast: Temperatures continue high, occasional showers and thunder

During the night there will be considerable clouds which will temporarily disperse over Western Bulgaria. There will be rain in Eastern Bulgaria, in places significant, with thunder. There will be a light wind from the Northwest, in Northeastern..

14.05.22 17:50 |

Rain showers expected on Saturday across the country

On Saturday, the minimum temperatures in Bulgaria will be between 12 and 17 °C, in Sofia around 12 °C. A cold front will pass through the country. Before noon, cool air will enter from the northwest. The air mass will be unstable and rain clouds will..

13.05.22 19:45 |
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