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Wildfire rages in the Elena Balkan for the third consecutive day

A massive forest fire is raging in the Elena Balkan for the third consecutive day. The fire has covered over twenty acres of old clearings, bushes and young forest, a correspondent of the BNR reported.  According to the Mayor of Elena..

04.11.22 18:34 |

Partial state of emergency declared in Lyubimets and Harmanli over wildfires

Because of a wildfire that has spread to more than 500 hectares of dry grass, shrubery and woodland between the villages of Oryahovo and Vaskovo near Haskovo, a partial state of emertgency has been put in place in the municipalities of Lyubimets and..

16.08.22 09:17 |

Motorway leading to Turkey closed over wildfires in region of Haskovo

The emergency situation in the region of Haskovo over the wildfires in Harmanli and Lyubimets municipalities remains in place . The fires have not been localized yet because of the strong wind. Maritsa motorway will be closed to prevent road..

10.08.22 10:07 |

Wildfire in the Rhodopes continues for 11th day

The fire in the area of Yugovo and Narechenski Bani in the Rhodopes continues raging . The fire keeps burning in places that are difficult to access and high in the mountains, but they are far from settlements, the correspondent of..

22.08.21 15:00 |

Partial state of emergency declared in Laki Municipality because of the fire in the Rhodopes

The fire which  broke out in the Rhodope Mountains is approaching the village of Yugovo, the Municipality of Laki. Currently, it is 2 kilometers away from the village . A p artial state of emergency has been declared in the municipality..

17.08.21 18:40 |

Fire danger in Bulgaria remains high

Code red over extreme fire danger was declared in 12 Bulgarian districts (Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik and Blagoevgrad)) on Monday. The massive wildfire that occurred in..

28.08.17 10:20 |

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