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How and why a wine-maker from Varna resurrected a real wine once drunk by the ancient Thracians

Ancient Thracians liked their wine full-bodied, fruity with a delicate aftertaste of… beeswax. A wine cellar in Varna offers a journey back in time with a grape variety they resurrected from the time of… Homer’s Iliad. This is no joke or cheap..

22.02.21 10:44 |

Wine - a breath of love and the past

While the Western world today pays homage to St. Valentine, in Bulgaria we have the opportunity to make a choice in our festive mood and raise a toast to our love of …wine. Grapes and wine are very closely related to the folk beliefs..

14.02.21 07:25 |

New video presents the mysteries of Bulgarian wine from Thrace region

A video for the promotion of Thracian wine produced in Bulgaria's Thrace region has been filmed as an important element of a project of the Bulgarian Association of Wine Producers and Exporters to promote Bulgarian wine , and in particular wine..

26.01.21 13:28 |

2020 was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian wine makers

The past 2020, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, was a good yet difficult year for Bulgarian vine growers and wine makers. It was also quite dry, which created conditions for a good grape harvest. This was summarized for BTA by Prof. Ivan Pachev -..

29.12.20 08:59 |

Sofia to become wine capital of the Balkans for 3-day festival

Between September 17-19, Sofia will host the Balkan International Wine Competition and Festival for the  9 th  time, t he Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced on its website. A wine town will be built in the open-air space in..

12.09.20 15:10 |

Special menu to present traditional Bulgarian cuisine to tourists

Work has started with the aim to create a national Bulgarian menu, which is to select traditional dishes and wines. The idea is that the menu could be helpful and informative to foreign tourists in Bulgaria. This has become clear at a meeting between the..

06.08.20 14:59 |

9% VAT for some sectors – benefits and drawbacks for the economy

Amidst continuing anti-government protests, the government reduced, temporarily, VAT on wine and beer served in food and drink establishments form 20% to 9%. The motive of the authors of the measure – the United Patriots and Volya – was to..

04.08.20 10:50 |

Wine and beer at food and drink establishments with lower VAT

A new lower VAT rate is in place, as of 1 August, 2020, on wine and beer served in catering establishments, which will be valid until the end of 2021. The reduction on VAT from 20% to 9% is also valid for tourist services, gyms and..

01.08.20 12:50 |

VAT on beer, wine sales in restaurants temporarily lowered to 9%

VAT is reduced from 20 to 9% for wine and beer sales in restaurants, commissions of tour operators and charter bus services, gyms and sports facilities. This was voted at second reading in parliament today with the votes of GERB, United Patriots, Volya..

30.07.20 11:52 |

Bulgaria has right to reduce VAT on beer and wine

Bulgaria has the right to temporarily reduce VAT on alcohol, the European Commission said in response to a question from the Dnevnik portal. Following a proposal sent to parliament to reduce VAT on beer and wine from 20% to 9%, there were opinions that..

29.07.20 17:47 |
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