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Bulgaria's Sandanski is hosting second agricultural forum for local food and wine

More than fifty agricultural producers will present their products in Sandanski at the second agricultural forum "From the farm to your table", on June 10 and 11.   The event, organized by the Regional Directorate of Agriculture Blagoevgrad, under..

10.06.23 09:05 |

Orthodox Christians honor the memory of Holy Martyr Tryphon

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Holy Martyr Tryphon, who is one of the most famous healer saints. "He was a very strong believer and God gave him the gift of miracles, so that he could heal people with his..

01.02.23 11:00 |

Boris Borisov, a Bulgarian in California

Wine is a passion, it is love, mastery, but most importantly it is something that should be shared. Guided by this philosophy, Boris Borisov from Veliki Preslav has been fashioning a distinctive style in California’s wine cellars. Customers, on the..

11.01.23 11:54 |

Bulgarian wine festival takes place in Plovdiv

For the third year in a row, Plovdiv celebrates the festival of wines from local grape varieties. It is dedicated to Bulgarian wine and named after one of the most valued and old Bulgarian varieties, Mavrud. The initiative aims to attract interest to..

22.10.22 18:26 |

Agriculture Ministry launches national programme to promote high-quality Bulgarian wines

The promotion of high-quality wines with a Protected Geographical Indication and a Protected Designation of Origin is foreseen under the measure "Information in the Member States" of the National Programme to Support the Viticulture Sector for the..

28.08.22 11:29 |
Photo: Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Bulgaria

Albanian wine - a bridge between our two nations, why not?‎

‎On July 4 th the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Bulgaria organized in the University Botanical Garden in Sofia the first event dedicated to the tasting of Albanian wines in Bulgaria - an excellent opportunity to bring our two peoples..

06.07.22 16:43 |

Balkans International Wine Festival opens in Sofia

For the 11 th year running Sofia is hosting the The Balkans International Wine Festival, BIWCF.  The event, bringing together Balkan wines and culture, is to take place from 16 to 18 June in front of the National Palace of Culture building...

15.06.22 19:11 |

Restaurateurs outraged by return of 20% VAT on beer

Members of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association will meet early next week in the Sunny Beach resort to discuss their future actions after the government's announced the return of 20% VAT on beer and wine. The tax was..

19.05.22 17:22 |

Old Plovdiv hosts Wine and Gourmet Festival

This weekend, 14 and 15 May, visitors to Plovdiv will be given an opportunity to taste the produce of more than 40 wineries from all over the country, as well as of over 20 food manufacturers. A total of 67 food and beverage manufacturers are..

14.05.22 11:59 |

DiVino.Taste in Sofia– the taste of Bulgaria’s wines

As of 19 to 21 November, 70 of Bulgaria’s top wine producers will be presenting their wines at the 9 th DiVino.Taste forum at Inter Expo Centre in Sofia. Each producer can take part with a maximum of 7 wines which will be presented by the..

12.11.21 06:10 |
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