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Winter family holiday to take place on Vitosha Mountain

For the sixth consecutive year in the  Ofeliite area of ​​Vitosha Mountain,  "Sofia - European Capital of Sport" and ski schools are organizing a winter family holiday this Sunday. The diverse program of the snow event includes many competitions and..

13.02.22 07:05 |

Precipitation and temporary warming expected

The sky will be clear at night over most of the country. There will be light to moderate southwesterly wind. The lowest temperatures will be between minus 1 °C and 4 °C , in Sofia around 0 °C . Tomorrow before noon, the..

06.02.22 17:45 |

Weather forecast for Saturday, 5 February: Mild winter weather over the weekend

On Saturday morning the minimum temperatures in the country will range from minus 5° C. to 0, for Sofia around minus 5° C. During the day there will be sun with a temporary increase of clouds in the afternoon. Daytime temperatures will go up to reach..

04.02.22 19:50 |

Mild winter weather expected in Bulgaria in the weekend

On Saturday morning, the minimum temperatures in Bulgaria will be between minus 6 and minus 1 °C , in the high fields of Western Bulgaria - down to minus 9 °C , in the capital Sofia - around minus 6 °C. During the day, the moderate wind from the..

28.01.22 19:40 |

Warmer Friday and scattered clouds

On Friday morning the lowest temperatures will be between minus 5 °C and 0°C. During the day the cloudiness will be variable. The highest temperatures will be between 5 °C and 10 °C, for Sofia up to 5°C. Along the Black Sea coast,..

27.01.22 19:45 |

Colder weather and precipitation expected

During the night cloudiness will increase. There will be rainfalls in the northwestern regions of the country. O n Friday, c old er air wi ll bring temperatures down . The lowest temperatures in the morning will..

06.01.22 19:45 |

Bulgaria’s winter resorts are full already

“The predictions of more tourists, including foreigners, this winter season have come to pass and that is good news. There is significant interest in our resorts, and they are now full, there are no cancellations,” Rumen Draganov, Director of the..

31.12.21 13:13 |

Weather forecast, December 22

Wednesday morning will be frosty with the lowest temperatures varying between minus 10°C and minus 4°C; in Sofia around minus 8°C. During the day there will be scattered clouds over most of the country. Sunny weather will..

21.12.21 19:50 |

Villages in the Rhodopes remain without electricity after heavy rain and snowfalls

Dozens of villages in the region of Smolyan in the Rhodopes have remained without electricity, some of them for three days in a row. The reason is broken power lines after heavy rain and snow in the region. The deputy mayor of Smolyan..

15.12.21 15:59 |

Ice rink in Bansko welcomes residents and guests of the town again

The ice rink in Bansko opened on December 11. It will be open every day from 12:00 to 22:00. For more than a decade, the rink has attracted both tourists to the resort town and locals alike and interest in it has not faded. Its..

11.12.21 13:31 |
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