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More than 40% of the working poor in Bulgaria do not have money for heating

42.8% of the working poor in Bulgaria, or 129,990 people, do not have enough money for heating , shows an analysis of the European Trade Union Institute, announced by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).  Bulgaria ranks second in the EU..

27.09.21 15:42 |

Number of working poor in Bulgaria increases by 22% since the beginning of 2021

Our life was better before the coronavirus pandemic, although incomes were low, says a popular Bulgarian musician. We work less now, but we have to pay our water and electricity bills every month. Food prices went up and the price of some..

15.07.21 16:05 |

Net salary of BGN 1,069 needed to cover basic living expenses in Bulgaria

A working person in Bulgaria needs to receive a net salary of BGN 1,069 (EUR 547) to cover his/her living expenses, which include food, housing, education, healthcare, clothing, transport and communications.  There are nearly 700,000 working..

13.07.21 16:47 |

Bulgaria celebrates Labor Day

On May 1, Bulgaria celebrates Labor Day. According to the trade unions in this country, issues related to the length of the working day and remuneration remain relevant in this country. CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov has told BNR that the..

01.05.21 12:53 |

Nearly 24% of Bulgarians live below poverty line

In 2020, the poverty line for this country as a whole was 231 euros on average per household member a month. 1,659,900 people or 23.8% were below the poverty line, according to the National Statistical Institute. Compared to the..

28.04.21 15:24 |
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