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Young people undeterred in their ambition to bring about normalization of the country

After the regular elections for parliament held on 4 April, 2021, the parties in the 45th National Assembly failed to form a cabinet, after parliament itself held only 9 sittings. Analysts and sociologists say that they actually served as a..

05.07.21 11:45 |

Vacation Program in Sofia aims at active summer for children and young people

The "Vacation" Program of the Sofia Municipality starts today in the Sportna Sofia 2000 complex in the city. The program is aimed at children and young people aged 6 to 29. They will have free access to 50 types of activities, including..

21.06.21 07:00 |

What do young people expect from the future government of Bulgaria

Bulgarians today elect their representatives in the 45 th National Assembly. Young people were a major driving force during the summer protests against the country's government in 2020. What do young people expect from Bulgaria’s future..

04.04.21 12:10 |

Unemployed young people to gain experience in public administration

Young people up to 29 years of age with higher education will be able to gain one year of work experience in their specialty in the Bulgarian public administration through the "Career Start" program . The condition is that they have no work experience..

16.09.20 15:30 |

President Rumen Radev: Biggest threat to future are uneducated young people

The biggest threat to the future is having a big number of ignorant, uneducated young people, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said at the opening of a national forum, entitled "Libraries Today." According to Radev, the mission of libraries today is..

09.11.17 16:56 |
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