Shortage of medics is biggest problem in current Covid-19 situation: hospital director

At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic Bulgaria took the necessary measures to contain the infection, but the situation went out of control in the summer and now we are witnessing the results, Professor Gencho Nachev, Executive Director of St. Ekaterina University Hospital said for BTV. 

“The number of infected people is a cause for concern. However, many people who did not undergo PCR testing and are not part of the official statistics are also infected with Covid-19”, Professor Nachev said further. "Giving many people the opportunity to voice opinion on coronavirus-related topics was a big mistake", Gencho Nachev added. In his view, the shortage of medics is the biggest problem in the current situation. “We can find enough beds for Covid-19 patients, but there will be no one to look after these patients”, Professor Gencho Nachev concluded.