Weather forecast for September 17

Weather stays warm but rainfalls expected on Friday

On Friday the weather will remain warm for September, but more clouds are expected in the afternoon, bringing rainfalls and short-term thunderstorms over the western regions of the country. There are conditions for hail storms, too. The lowest temperatures will be between 14 and 19 °, and the highest between 30-35 C°. In Sofia, the highest temperature will reach 30 C°.

Sunny weather will prevail over the Black Sea coast during the day but in the evening clouds coming from the west will bring rainfalls in some places. The highest air temperature will range from 25 ° on Cape Shabla to 28 C° in Pomorie. The temperature of the sea water is 22 ° -23 C°.

There will be more clouds over the mountains and in the afternoon rain showers and brief thunderstorms are expected. The highest temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be up to 24C °; at 2000 meters - up to 15 °. In mountain resorts, temperatures will reach 24-25 °.

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