Weather forecast, October 22

Friday to be the warmest day this week

Friday will start in Bulgaria with the lowest temperatures ranging from 1 °C in Vidin to 10 °C near the sea and with fogs in the lowlands. During the day it will be sunny with scattered clouds. The highest temperatures will reach 18-23°, in Sofia up to 19°C.

At the Black Sea coast it will be mostly sunny with moderate wind. The highest temperatures will be between 19 and 22° and the sea water temperature is 15-16 °C.

The weather will be sunny over the mountains. The highest temperature at 1200 meters will be up to 16°C, at 2000 meters - about 9°C. In the resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo the temperature will reach up to 16 °C; in Bansko - up to 18°C.

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