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Bulgaria’s tour guides demand support

The Covid-19 pandemic left over 1,400 tour guides jobless due to the travel restrictions introduced for tourists from other countries and Bulgarians who have chosen to visit particular destination. The people known as “little ambassadors” are worried..

11.06.20 11:30 |

Free city tours attract tourists again

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the gradual lifting of various bans connected with the Covid-19 pandemic. Normality and predictability in everyday life returned. City tours are among the best indicators of the revival of tourism,..

08.06.20 14:22 |

Оnline children and reading

In addition to being the day of children, June 1 st also marks the beginning of carefree holiday months for the youngest pupils in Bulgaria - those from the 1 st to the 3 rd grade. And while the games completely fill their minds after the end of..

01.06.20 12:59 |

Bulgaria is still attractive destination for foreign investments

We live in times when something that can change the world completely happens every minute. We are witnessing completely new achievements of the technological revolution and constantly changing needs of the economic and investment environment on a..

22.10.19 12:53 |

Sofia has huge potential for development of Spa tourism

Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that for every pain or health problem you can find a suitable healing mineral spring in Bulgaria. There are over 500 mineral springs in this country with a total flow of nearly 5,000 liters of water per second,..

30.09.19 13:52 |

Swedish-Swiss company opens new factory in Petrich

A Swedish-Swiss concern for the manufacture of electrification products and industrial automation continues developing its business in Bulgaria and opened a new factory in the town of Petrich (Southwest Bulgaria). The company opened its second..

19.09.19 12:28 |

Tours in the steps of emblematic personalities reveal new details from Sofia’s history

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia went through a lot of trials and vicissitudes in its millenial history. However, the city managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage from different eras of its existence. Today, Sofia continues to surprise even its..

17.09.19 15:10 |
Deyan Yankov

Helping the needy does not make you superhuman, but it brings satisfaction

Industrialization and urbanization in ever expanding territories are among the most objective indicators of the development of a city or a country. Along with the positives, however, urbanization brings negatives as well. We throw tons of waste..

14.09.19 08:00 |

Tests of new road toll system in Bulgaria begin on August 16

On July 3 negotiations with the transport sector on the road toll fees continue. The new fees will be negotiated by the autumn of 2019. The Bulgarian society and the Bulgarian transport sector and haulers are eager to learn what is happening with..

26.06.19 12:56 |
Tomislav Donchev at the

Small and economically-active Bulgarian municipalities register higher employment and earnings

The industrial zones are of key significance to the development of the regions, Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier Tomislav Donchev contends. Highest salaries are paid in regions with highest employment, analysis of the Institute for Market Economics..

24.06.19 13:09 |