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The irons collector– painter Dimitar Dobrev from Plovdiv

Starting as a joke, an idea gave birth to a whole collection, so diverse that it could be presented in an uncommon sort of museum – one dedicated to irons. From the oldest models working on charcoal to the electric ones, of various sizes and some..

13.10.19 08:00 |

Depuis 45 ans, il collectionne des fers à repasser...

D’un simple coup de tête naît toute une collection de fers à repasser qui est tellement riche qu’on décide de l’exposer dans un musée. Tous ces fers à repasser, à commencer par les plus anciens pour lesquels on utilise du charbon de bois pour en..

12.10.19 08:00 |

Annie Pilibosian living between Plovdiv and Paris

Annie Pilibosian was born and raised in Sofia, she studied and graduated in Sofia, and then became French language teacher. And then her life turned around – she left for France where she married. She always comes back to Bulgaria, but for the past..

18.09.19 15:31 |

Ani Pilibossyan, entre Plovdiv et Paris...

Ani Pilibossyan est née et a grandi à Sofia où elle fait ses études avant de devenir professeur de français dans une école secondaire. Peu après, son parcours professionnel l’emmène en France où elle fonde une famille. Ani revient régulièrement en..

18.09.19 15:20 |

Part of Plovdiv's culture reduced to ashes

August 21 marked the 154th birth anniversary of outstanding Plovdiv benefactor Dimitar Koudoglou. By a twist of historical irony on that same day aggressive flames ate at the Tobacco Warehouses in the city and almost reduced them to ashes. It was..

26.08.16 13:50 |

John Lansdown: Living in Bulgaria is a dream come true

It all began in 1976, when twelve-year old John Lansdown from Great Britain had a dream. He dreamt of Bulgaria as a beautiful country he would one day go to. He saw even the minutest of details – the adobe village houses, the..

23.04.14 15:30 |

Slavo-Bulgarian History by monk Paisy revamped in unique phototype edition

In 1762, Paisy of Hilendar completed his work Slavo-Bulgarian History that was destined to play an enormous role in the Bulgarian National Revival. His book was about the glorious past of Bulgaria and aimed to bring national pride back on track in the hard..

13.02.14 11:02 |