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Price of natural gas in Bulgaria reduced by 42.78%

The price of natural gas in Bulgaria decreases with 42.78%, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission announced.  The price of natural gas approved by the state-owned gas supplier Bulgargaz falls to EUR 12.87 per megawatt, whereas in the first trimester of 2020 it was EUR 22.50 per megawatt. The decision of the regulator reflects the changed terms of the supply contract between Bulgargaz and Gazprom Export and all changes in natural gas prices at the European gas hubs until March 31, 2020, the motifs of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission further read. The price of central heating in Bulgaria will also fall as a result of the lower gas prices, but price reductions will not be the same in all Bulgarian towns. It also became clear that price of electricity remains unchanged.

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