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“There Is Such a People” receives support of young citizens, GERB - of middle-aged, BSP - of elderly

Снимка: Gallup International

Most of GERB's voters - 62%, are in the age group 31-60 years, while nearly 50% of the BSP electorate is over 60 years old.

33% of the supporters of the party “There Is Such a People” are under 30. This was reported by BNR’s Violeta Ashikova, quoting data from the Gallup International sociological agency.

In terms of educational profile, the electorate of "Democratic Bulgaria" has the highest educational and social status. With an average of 43% of citizens with higher and semi-higher education, the share of highly educated citizens in the electorate of "Democratic Bulgaria" reaches 70%.

The demographic profiles are based on the exit poll by Gallup, commissioned by the Bulgarian National Radio.

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