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The Bulgarian military return from Afghanistan

The last Bulgarian contingent to participate in NATO's Resolute Support mission has returned from Afghanistan on June 24 . Since March 2021, the 42nd Bulgarian military contingent of 120 people had been guarding the Bagram Airport base in Kabul...

24.06.21 11:35 |
Minister Georgi Panayotov

Bulgaria commitments in Afghanistan continue after September 11, 2021

Bulgaria can participate in training of the Afghan security forces after the withdrawal of its main contingent from Afghanistan. Bulgaria's participation in the Afghan National Army Trust Fund will continue, the Minister of Defense Georgi Panayotov..

02.06.21 09:26 |
Defence Minister Karakachanov

The Bulgarian military contingent to withdraw from Afghanistan by September

On the Day of the Bulgarian Army, it became clear that the national military contingent will withdraw from Afghanistan by September. Outgoing Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said the decision was in line with Bulgaria's US and NATO allies...

06.05.21 17:43 |

Bulgarian police detains 25 illegal migrants from Afghanistan near Vakarel

25 migrants from Afghanistan have been detained on the Thrace highway near the village of Vakarel, Sofia region. They had probably been abandoned by traffickers. Officals from the Ministry of Interior told the BNR that the refugees were spotted walking..

04.05.21 14:44 |

Bulgaria to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

Bulgaria will withdraw its military units from Afghanistan. This was decided today at an extraordinary meeting of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers , PM Boyko Borissov announced via his Facebook account. The decision comes after it was announced..

15.04.21 19:35 |

More than 50 illegal migrants from Afghanistan detained

More than 30 young Afghans without documents have been detained after a minibus was stopped on the Trakia highway near Plovdiv, BNT reported. The illegal migrants were transported by two men. Interpreters are helping the investigation..

30.03.21 13:45 |

Bulgarian military contingent in Afghanistan relocates

The agreement between the United States and the Taliban has brought changes to NATO's mission "Resolute Support" in Afghanistan, the Chief of Defense, Admiral Emil Eftimov has told the Focus News Agency. That is why the Bulgarian contingent is..

22.09.20 16:20 |

40th Bulgarian military contingent in Kandahar ends mission

At an official ceremony held near Kandahar airport in Afghanistan, service members of the 40 th national military contingent were presented with medals for their participation in the NATO Resolute Support operation, the Ministry of Defence has..

11.09.20 16:47 |
Admiral Emil Eftimov

Chief of Defence Emil Eftimov greets Bulgarian military officers abroad

More than 200 Bulgarian military officers from 9 missions will celebrate the Day of the Bulgarian Army, May 6, abroad. In a video conference call today, Bulgaria's Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov congratulated the Bulgarian contingents in..

05.05.20 19:58 |

39th Bulgarian contingent returns from Afghanistan after taking part in NATO mission

The 39 th Bulgarian military contingent which took part in the NATO mission in Afghanistan “Resolute Support” has returned in full. At the welcoming ceremony Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov stated that the training and certification of..

20.04.20 15:39 |
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