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Bulgarians abroad had conditions for mass voting, but no attitude

The absence of a full-fledged "Abroad" constituency is among the reasons for the lower voter turnout abroad during the July 11 parliamentary elections, Dimitar Dimitrov from the Central Election Commission (CEC) told BNR. "Technical conditions were..

15.07.21 11:43 |

One more election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria, after none of the parties from the previous, 45 th National Assembly, the elections for which took place on 4 April this year, were able to form a cabinet. The new elections are..

11.06.21 12:25 |

Voting of Bulgarians abroad – facilitated, yet still full with challenges

19 parties and 9 coalitions have applied to run in the April 11 th snap parliamentary elections . Despite fewer candidates than in previous elections (31 parties and 8 coalitions), the work of the Central Election Commission (CEC) for the..

27.05.21 15:10 |

Central Electoral Commission decides to buy 9,600 voting machines

The Central Electoral Commission – CEC has announced a tender for the purchase of 9,600 electronic voting machines, BTA reported. The order is for delivery of devices with installed system and application software, including specialized..

13.11.20 11:55 |

Central Election Commission organizes remote e-voting simulation

The Bulgarian Central Election Commission (CEC) organizes today a simulation of remote electronic voting. The test is in connection with the objective of introducing an e-voting option at the 2019 elections for European Parliament members...

12.12.17 09:56 |
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