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Six Covid-related deaths registered in Bulgaria for a day

There were 937 new Covid cases registered in Bulgaria in the past day , which is 402 less than the day before. 59% of the newly infected are non-vaccinated people. 14.25% of 6,575 tests were positive, compared to a level of 15.8% on..

05.10.22 09:08 |

Bulgaria is back in the lowest Covid incidence zone

The two-week Covid incidence rate in Bulgaria is decreasing , data from the National Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases indicates. The entire pandemic indicator map is back in the green zone.  The two-week incidence rate has fallen below..

11.08.22 13:32 |
Caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov and of Health Dr. Asen Medzhidiev

Greater predictability is expected for the winter tourist season

Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Tourism, Ilin Dimitrov, is preparing roadtrips to nearby markets (Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Greece) and medium-distance markets (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Middle East) . The goal is to..

09.08.22 18:28 |

Ten Covid-related deaths registered for a day, 25 percent of tests are positive

There were 1,951 new Covid cases registered in Bulgaria in the past day, which is a decline of 659 in comparison to the previous day. 65% of the newly infected are non-vaccinated people. 25.1% of 7,760 tests were positive. The same..

03.08.22 09:55 |

Hospitalized Covid patients are now less than 3,000

2,462 new coronavirus cases have been registered in Bulgaria for a day, which is 1,947 cases more on a daily basis. Over 74 percent of the newly infected are non- vaccinated citizens. 11% of 21,858 tests returned positive result,..

08.03.22 09:42 |

Bulgaria Today – February 11, 2022

Welcome to “Bulgaria Today” on  Friday, February 11. We open up with summary of the leading news today, the latest about the Covid pandemic here, sports headlines from Beijing and a weather report for the weekend first.  Next, we bring you an..

11.02.22 18:00 |

72.5% of intensive care Covid beds in North Central Region of Bulgaria are now occupied

According to data from the interactive map of occupied intensive care hospital beds 72.5% of the beds for intensive care of coronavirus patients in the North Central Region of Bulgaria are occupied. The forecast is that in 5 days the..

16.01.22 16:57 |

Prof. Radka Argirova: The pandemic will come to an end this year

The pandemic would come to an end this year, Prof. Radka Argirova, advisor to the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the Covid-19 pandemic told the BNT. "There could be another strain after Omicron, but then we would be able to return to..

16.01.22 13:12 |

New Covid crisis management plan is being prepared

Tomorrow, the Council of Ministers votes on a proposal by the Pandemic Council for a new model of managing the Covid crisis. It is envisaged that the crisis will be managed not on the basis of the total percentage of patients in the..

12.01.22 19:53 |
Polina Karastoyanova

Bulgaria may find itself in Covid isolation, says head of Bulgaria's Tourism Board

The low vaccination rate is a deadly factor that works against the Bulgarian economy, tourism, investments and public interest, Polina Karastoyanova, executive director of the National Board of Tourism, told the BNR.  According to her, the tourism..

27.12.21 16:35 |

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