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Bulgaria reports dramatic increase in new daily infections with Covid-19

393 are the new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria compared to 94 in the previous reported day. In terms of percentage, the increase is significantly more limited. 1.68% of the 23,371 tests performed returned positive, according to the National..

03.08.21 08:45 |

Bulgaria takes the Netherlands out of red list

As of Wednesday, August 4, the Netherlands, Tunisia and Kuwait will leave the red zone and be included in the list of countries in the orange zone. This is done with a change in the list of countries by colour zones, according to which the order of..

02.08.21 18:41 |

More than 1 million people in Bulgaria are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19

There have been 94 new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria for a day . 1.4% of 6,691 tests returned positive result , according to the Single Coronavirus Information Portal. Data from the past day of the week are not fully..

02.08.21 08:45 |

Acad. Bogdan Petrunov: A serious new wave of Covid-19 is ahead of us

With the first days of autumn we will find ourselves at the beginning of a serious Covid-19 wave , immunologist Acad. Bogdan Petrunov said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. He warned that the situation in Bulgaria is very serious...

01.08.21 10:56 |

Bulgaria reports 182 new daily cases of Covid-19

During the last 24 hours, 182 cases of coronavirus have been identified from 12,876 tests performed in Bulgaria, according to the Unified Information Portal. 1.4% of the samples gave a positive result.  The highest number of new infections is in..

01.08.21 09:55 |

At 346 new cases, number of Covid-19 infections continues upward trend

346 new Covid-19 cases have been registered in Bulgarian in the past 24 hours out of 22,989 tests performed, a positivity rate of 1.5%, Single Coronavirus Information data show. The highest number of new infections is in Sofia – 96, in..

31.07.21 09:20 |

Sofia Airport opens Covid-19 laboratory for passengers

A Covid-19 laboratory is to open its doors at Terminal 2 of the Sofia Airport in the coming days. All passengers will be able to have PCR tests, rapid antigen test and other tests done. For the convenience of passengers, the PCR test..

30.07.21 14:07 |

Number of newly infected with Covid-19 rises for 4th day

There have been 231 new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria for a day or 15 more compared to the previous day. 1.53% of 15,092 tests returned positive result , according to the Single Coronavirus Information Portal. In 3 districts - Vidin,..

30.07.21 08:45 |

Number of newly registered Covid-19 infections in Bulgaria rises for third straight day

216 is the number of newly registered coronavirus cases out of 15,749 tests performed in the country in the past 24 hours, 16 more compared to 28 July when the number of new infection was 200. This is a positivity rate of 1.37%, Single..

29.07.21 08:55 |

Cabinet extends extraordinary epidemic situation to August 31st

The extraordinary epidemic situation should be extended until August 31 this year, the Council of Ministers has decided. According to the World Health Organization, this country currently ranks seventh when it comes to Covid-19..

28.07.21 16:19 |
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