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"Vices" Exhibition focuses on weaknesses of the Bulgarians

A century ago Bulgarians used to relax sipping their Turkish-style coffee with lots of sugar, eating Turkish delight or baklava as they engaged in talks. Discussing politics, they were shrouded in tobacco smoke holding a glass of absinthe in hand...

24.02.21 13:14 |
On November 13th the National Palace of Culture will see the start of the 15th National Trade Exhibition of Producers “Made in Bulgaria” 2009.

20 per cent less exhibitors at “Made in Bulgaria” 2009

More than 300 light industry firms and companies will take part in it. The aim of the trade exhibition is to offer a supporting hand to Bulgarian producers who will have at their disposal one week to show their production. “In order for a firm to survive,..

12.11.09 13:57 |
Painting by Nikola Arashev

Nikola Manev, Lachezar Oshavkov and Pavel Koichev opened a joint exhibition dedicated to their teacher Nikola Arashev

Exactly 50 years after graduating the High School for Fine Arts in Sofia three prominent Bulgarian artists – oil painters Nikola Manev and Lachezar Oshavkov and sculptor Pavel Koichev opened a joint exhibition in the gallery of the school. They dedicated..

04.11.09 08:56 |
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