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Experts: There will be no progress for the Western Balkans under France's EU presidency

The question of the European future in the Western Balkans will be among the priority topics of the French presidency of the Council of the EU, but serious progress on the subject is unlikely . The reason is the presidential election in April in France..

02.01.22 12:03 |

Petar Todorov from France: A government "at any cost" cannot produce reforms

"I voted with the clear awareness that we will never choose the perfect government, but I think that when a person has exercised their right to grass, they can then hold the new government accountable. I hope I voted for the lesser evil!” Petar..

12.07.21 12:30 |

Paris expects issue with Skopje to be resolved in 2022

At the invitation of member of the French Senate Loïc Hervé, Vice President Iliana Yotova has met with representatives of the France-Bulgaria Friendship Group in the Senate. A wide range of topics in the relations between Bulgaria and France..

30.06.21 13:12 |

Bulgarian police seizes 186 gas pistols at border with Turkey in van with French registration

186 gas pistols and more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition were seized by the Bulgarian border police at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, the Haskovo District Prosecutor's Office said. The weapons and ammunition were hidden in a van with French..

09.04.21 18:42 |
Фили Ладжман

Bulgarians living abroad voted for a system reboot

Radio Bulgaria conducted a vox pop with Bulgarians voting abroad, and asked them what kind of Bulgaria they expect to see after the elections for parliament on 4 April. ​Filli Ladgman has lived in Melbourne, Australia for..

05.04.21 12:07 |

Patrice Rayssac – the amateur photographer from France who loves to take pictures of the Bulgarian seashore

What does the south of France and the northern portion of Bulgaria’s seashore have in common? Here is one possible answer – Patrice Rayssac. “I come from the south of France, near Toulouse. It is a big town between an ocean and a sea and..

23.03.21 11:01 |

Man with positive PCR tests travels from France to Bulgaria on bus full of passengers

A man with a positive coronavirus test travelled from France to Kalotina border checkpoint on the Bulgarian border on a bus full of passengers, bTV reports, and it was only in Bulgaria that it was ascertained he was infected. The bus started..

22.03.21 09:35 |

A lady from Bulgaria who teaches children in France how to admire and take care of nature

A sunny town in the heart of France, cathedrals with spires and small one-family homes with beautifully arranged gardens, that is what Clermont- Ferrand is like, a town which stole the heart of a Bulgarian lady, a town where she has been living..

09.03.21 14:48 |

French court convicts 16 Bulgarian Roma of human trafficking

A French court has sentenced 16 Bulgarian Roma to up to 8 years in prison and a final ban on access to French territory. They were found guilty of human trafficking, of forcing their compatriots to beg and of money laundering, BTA reported, citing AFP...

10.02.21 09:30 |

Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva expresses solidarity with France

After the terror attack in Nice, Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva has offered her condolences to French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian. In a telegram, she expressed her sympathy for France, condemning the brutal terror on..

29.10.20 18:35 |
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