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Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has officially announced the distribution of the Parliamentary seats among the political forces represented at the 47th National Assembly. “We continue the Change” will be represented by 67 MPs in..

18.11.21 19:28 |

With nearly 61% of tally sheets processed, Bulgarian Socialist Party places fourth

With 60.95% of the section tally sheets having being processed in Bulgaria and abroad, Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova earned 49.15% of the votes at the Presidential elections, followed by Anastas Gerdzhikov- Nevyana Miteva- 22.18%.   As of 10 am on..

15.11.21 11:36 |

Exacta Research Group: Two political forces stand a chance of placing second at the forthcoming elections

GERB/SDS would earn the highest number of votes, if Parliamentary elections were held today. The coalition would earn 23.8% of the votes, indicates a survey of Exacta Research Group, financed with own funds. The poll was conducted between October 29..

07.11.21 13:58 |

Center for Analysis and Marketing: GERB/SDS, “We Continue the Change" and BSP in the top three for Parliament

Six political formations would enter Bulgaria’s new National Assembly if elections were held today. Another political force stands a chance of crossing the 4% barrier, a survey of the Center for Analysis and Marketing, conducted with own funding,..

28.10.21 15:47 |

Initiative committee registers Anastas Gerdzhikov and Nevyana Miteva for forthcoming Presidential elections

The initiative committee, which nominated Professor Anastas Gerdzhikov and Colonel Nevyana Miteva for president and vice president , has summited the documents for the registration of the candidates to the Central Election Commission. The..

11.10.21 17:34 |
Daniel Mitov

GERB/SDS coalition presents its prospective cabinet

The coalition GERB/SDS presented at a press conference their own prospective cabinet before meeting with President Rumen Radev to receive and return the second cabinet-forming mandate. Daniel Mitov was again nominated for Prime Minister of Bulgaria...

20.08.21 09:14 |

Bulgaria’s National Assembly declares ITN’s cabinet-forming mandate unsuccessful

Bulgaria’s National Assembly voted a resolution accepting the withdrawal of Prime Minister-designate Plamen Nikolov and declaring the unsuccessful completion of the cabinet-forming mandate of There is Such a People (ITN) party. Thus, President Radev..

12.08.21 12:36 |

Bulgarian GERB/SDS MEPs in letter to EP and EC: Caretaker government is acting as President Radev’s campaign team for presidential elections

Six Bulgarian MEPs from GERB/SDS have sent a letter to their colleagues from the European Parliament and to the European Commission stating that “the caretaker government acts as President Radev’s campaign team for the presidential elections coming up..

31.05.21 10:52 |
President Rumen Radev and Vice-president Iliana Yotova star consultations with parliamentary parties on forming new cabinet

President's consultations on formation of Bulgaria's next government are over

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev began consultations with members of the political forces represented at the 45th National Assembly about the formation of new government. "The complicated security environment, the Covid-19 pandemic and the..

19.04.21 17:41 |

56.2% of Bulgarians approve of formation of new government

56.2% of Bulgarians approve of the formation of a new government and 37.4% prefer new elections, indicates a fast telephone survey of Gallup International Balkan polling agency conducted  among 831 respondents   between April 12 and 14. Gallup..

14.04.21 20:22 |
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