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Smack dab in the middle of Bulgaria: Ecology and good time at the Uzana Meadow Festival

Unique summer emotions in the midst of nature are guaranteed by the traditional eco festival in the locality of Uzana near the central Bulgarian town of Gabrovo. All who are inspired by nature are most welcome. The days from 22 to 24 July promise lots of..

22.07.22 09:50 |

School for “lazarki” girls - an amazing experience at Bulgaria’s Etar Museum

Young girls dressed in beautiful costumes from the Gabrovo region, with wreaths on their heads and baskets of flowers in their hands, will walk through the streets of the Etar Ethnographic Open-Air Museum today. The girls are..

16.04.22 08:05 |

The Museum House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo celebrates its 50th anniversary

Today is the Day of Humor and while various European countries are still disputing the origin of this day, Bulgaria has a special museum dedicated to humor and satire. It is located in the town of Gabrovo and it celebrates its anniversary on..

01.04.22 11:24 |

The most famous museum in Bulgaria’s Gabrovo to monitor air pollution

A modern air monitoring station is the latest acquisition of the popular and beloved Museum of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo. The facility has already been installed there as part of the Know the Air Project of the European Initiative for Clean..

26.03.22 13:15 |

Petar Totsev, the resourceful pensioner from Gabrovo who beat the soaring electricity prices

Do people in Gabrovo, notorious for their thriftiness, know a recipe of survival in these times when all prices have been soaring? There is one person who does, and he has some pretty concrete achievements. His name is Petar Totsev, a..

09.02.22 11:30 |

Project for tunnel under Shipka Pass in Bulgaria's Balkan Mountains not suspended

The contract for the construction of the tunnel under the Shipka pass in the Balkan Range in Central Bulgaria will be signed soon , said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Pubilc Works Grozdan Karadjov . At a meeting in the..

28.01.22 11:03 |

Therapeutic centre near Bulgaria's Gabrovo offers professional help to drug addicts

Eighteen people, fighting with themselves and for themselves, welcomed 2022 in “St. Elijah” addiction treatment centre located at the foot of the Balkan Mountain Range not far from the town of Gabrovo. The centre was unveiled in the spring of..

12.01.22 14:04 |

Gabrovo citizens celebrate the New Year frugally on December 30

The citizens of Bulgaria's Gabrovo will once again welcome the New Year first in the world and ahead of schedule on December 30. The BTR rock band will have a concert under the stars on the central square "Vazrazhdane". The..

02.12.21 15:57 |

The "Sense of Humor" series or "video vaccines" against bad mood

Humor is a great way to deal with social distance and isolation during a pandemic. That is why the team of the Museum of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo has presented a series of 20 humorous video stories starring popular Bulgarian personalities...

30.10.21 10:05 |

Bulgarian cultural institute in Paris hosts exhibition “Christo. From Gabrovo to the Arc de Triomphe”

Until the end of November, visitors to the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris will be able to see 30 lesser-known photographs, works of art and other exhibits from Christo Yavacheff’s early years. The opening of the exhibition..

18.09.21 09:50 |

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