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Bulgarian cultural institute in Paris hosts exhibition “Christo. From Gabrovo to the Arc de Triomphe”

Until the end of November, visitors to the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris will be able to see 30 lesser-known photographs, works of art and other exhibits from Christo Yavacheff’s early years. The opening of the exhibition..

18.09.21 09:50 |

Carnival weekend starts in Gabrovo

The Bulgarian city of humor and satire is getting ready for celebration and lots of laughter. One of the most anticipated events is coming up - the famous Gabrovo Carnival. It will take place in the period May 21 to May 23 and will shake the..

21.05.21 12:44 |
Museum of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo

Bulgaria marks Day of Humor and Joke

Today we celebrate the Day of Humor and Joke, while the Bulgarian Museum of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo celebrates the 49 th anniversary of its existence. The main force behind its creation was its first director Stefan Fartunov, a..

01.04.21 05:25 |

Celebrations of Bulgaria's National Day on March 3 at Shipka Peak cancelled

Gabrovo Municipality has cancelled the church and military ritual on Shipka Peak traditionally organized on Bulgaria's National Day March 3rd . The cancellation is at the request of the Chief State Sanitary Inspector Angel Kunchev, referring to the..

26.02.21 18:51 |

Frugal Gabrovo citizens have already welcomed the New Year

The citizens of Bulgaria’s Gabrovo, also known as the city of humour and satire, were the first in the world to say goodbye to 2020. It has become a tradition in the city for fireworks to explode on December 30th rather than on December 31st...

31.12.20 14:33 |

First technology park out of Sofia opens in Bulgaria's Gabrovo

The first tech park outside Sofia will be officially opened in the city of Gabrovo today, November 20. A modern scientific infrastructure with high-tech equipment has been built with an investment under the Science and Education for Smart Growth OP..

20.11.20 06:30 |

Gabrovo is proud of its European Green Leaf Award

The European Green Leaf Award 2021 has been awarded to the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo. The European Commission assessed the investments in energy efficiency and urban development, but also achievements in separate waste collection and campaigns..

18.10.20 04:50 |

19 confirmed cases of Q fever in Gabrovo region

19 cases of persons infected with Q fever have been registered in three cow farms and one sheep-breeding farm in the region of Gabrovo, Central Bulgaria. 14 persons gave positive samples and five had antibodies, which means they were already sick and..

18.05.20 20:53 |

Q fever outbreak in the region of Gabrovo

“During testing for Covid-19 a Q fever outbreak was localized in three villages in the region of Gabrovo,”  Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, director of the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases announced. The symptoms of the disease, also..

17.05.20 10:02 |
The carnival in Gabrovo in 2019

Gabrovo gets ready for unconventional carnival procession

Gabrovo in central Bulgaria, the “Bulgarian capital of humour” as it is known, is getting ready for the oldest carnival in the country . In the conditions of Covid-19 it will not be taking place, as is the tradition, with a street..

11.05.20 08:13 |
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