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Mediana agency: ITN ahead of GERB by 3%

According to a study by the Mediana agency conducted with its own funds, the next parliament will consist of 7 political forces. 24% of the voters would vote for ITN party, the former rulers from GERB would be second with 21.4% , BSP for Bulgaria..

16.06.21 16:57 |
Sociologist Boryana Dimitrova

About 30 percent of Bulgarians approve the work of the caretaker cabinet

The caretaker government started its work with high expectations - to show what can be done, albeit for a limited period, after strong polarization and confrontation in Bulgarian society, said to BNT the sociologist Boryana Dimitrova from Alpha Research..

30.05.21 10:20 |

Elections poll: GERB - 23.8%, ITN - 20.9, BSP - 18%

The results of the elections on July 11 will repeat the results of the April 4 elections. The new parliament will include the same 6 parties as in the 45th National Assembly, shows a study by the Centre for Analysis and Marketing. GERB remains the..

26.05.21 15:06 |

Slavi Trifonov did not say whether he would be prime minister if ITN won early elections

In his first interview after the parliamentary elections, Stanislav Trifonov, leader of the second-largest party in parliament, “There Is Such a People”, said it was too early to predict whether he would become prime minister..

08.05.21 15:07 |
Kamelia Neykova

Kamelia Neykova from ITN party appointed chair of Central Election Commission

Kamelia Neykova is the new chairman of Bulgaria's Central Election Commission, Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev announced after consultations with the parliamentary forces . Neykova was nominated by the party "There is such a people" (ITN) and replaces..

07.05.21 10:06 |
President Rumen Radev (R) takes back mandate from Antoaneta Stefanova.

There Is Such a People hand back mandate for formation of government

President Rumen Radev handed the mandate for the formation of a government to Antoaneta Stefanova, nominated for prime minister by the second biggest parliamentary group in the 45 th National Assembly – ITN (There Is Such a People). She handed the..

28.04.21 09:44 |
Antoaneta Stefanova

Tomorrow President Radev hands mandate to ITN to form cabinet

Tomorrow President Rumen Radev is to hand a mandate for the formation of a government to the nominee for prime minister of the second biggest parliamentary group in the 45 th National Assembly, that of ITN (There Is Such a People). On Monday..

27.04.21 13:28 |

BSP reaction: ITN throws the state into chaos by returning the mandate

In response to the announcement by the leader of "There is such a people" (ITN) Slavi Trifonov that after receiving a mandate to form a government, the party will immediately return it, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the third force in the new..

26.04.21 18:02 |
Antoaneta Stefanova

"There Is Such a People" to return government-forming mandate

" We nominate Antoaneta Stefanova for P rime M inister," Slavi Trifonov wrote on Facebook. "Our nomination for prime minister goes to world chess champion Antoaneta Stefanova. She has education in economics and speaks five..

26.04.21 10:16 |
Daniel Mitov

If Democratic Bulgaria and ITN do not want talks with GERB we shall hand back the mandate for forming a cabinet by Monday: Daniel Mitov

“If Democratic Bulgaria” and ITN (There Is Such a People) do not want to hold talks with GERB on the government we put forward and on its future priorities we shall hand the mandate back,” Daniel Mitov, nominated for prime minister said for bTV...

21.04.21 11:39 |
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