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Slavi Trifonov

ITN leader sues outgoing prime minister for 25,000 euros

The chairman of "There is Such a People" (ITN), Slavi Trifonov, whose party was a coalition partner in Kiril Petkov's government, has filed a lawsuit against the prime minister for non-pecuniary damage. If he lost the case, Kiril Petkov would pay..

27.06.22 19:03 |
President Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev starts political consultations on forming a new government

The Bulgarian government has filed its resignation in parliament after the no-confidence vote against Kiril Petkov's cabinet. There Is Such a People will try to form a government if it is given a mandate: Iva Miteva PM Kiril Petkov to submit..

27.06.22 12:22 |
Iva Miteva

There Is Such a People will try to form a government if it is given a mandate: Iva Miteva

“If the third mandate for the formation of a government is handed to There Is Such a People (ITN), it would be acting responsibly to try,” MP from There Is Such a People Iva Miteva said for the BNR. PM Kiril Petkov to submit the..

25.06.22 14:47 |

Bulgarian political parties argue over the French proposals for North Macedonia

The French proposal to lift the veto over the start of negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU wants us to let Skopje start the process, and the EU and France will ensure that all Bulgarian conditions are met only then. This was stated by the..

19.06.22 11:44 |
Kiril Petkov

Bulgaria’s government is looking for parliamentary majority to avoid snap elections

Holding a series of elections would be disastrous and a waste of historical time, Bulgaria’s Premier Kiril Petkov said during a visit to the town of Veliko Tarnovo (Central North Bulgaria). Premier Petkov expressed hope that more members of..

14.06.22 11:44 |

"There is Such a People" party to request a closed session of Bulgaria’s Parliament on North Macedonia

"There is Such a People" (ITN) party is to request a closed session of Bulgaria’s National Assembly on North Macedonia. The session is expected to take place on June 15.  Outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska is to present secret..

14.06.22 10:42 |
Stanislav Balabanov

ITN: When it comes to mafia, we should point to “We Continue the Change”

At a special briefing organised by "There is Such a People" (ITN), the breakaway 5 MPs and the Minister of Sports Radostin Vassilev were accused of treason. A recording of a telephone conversation between Vassilev and ITN MP Kristinka Ivanova was..

13.06.22 20:26 |

PM Kiril Petkov: Bulgarian mafia has just lost its partner in the ruling coalition

"I congratulate those people who are really brave. The mafia has just lost its coalition partner." This was what Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said at a special press conference of "We Continue the Change" on the occasion of the decision..

13.06.22 19:40 |
Radostin Vassilev

Radostin Vassilev and five more Bulgarian MPs leave ITN parliamentary group

Radostin Vassilev, who has recently filed his resignation as Minister of Sport, together with five other MPs have withdrawn their trust in party leader Slavi Trifonov and left the "There is Such a People" parliamentary group. This is what Vassilev..

13.06.22 19:05 |
Slavi Trifonov

"There is such a people" party withdraws its ministers from the government, breaks the governing coalition

There is Such a People party pulls its ministers out of the government and breaks the coalition. This was announced by the leader of the party, cable television presenter, Slavi Trifonov.  Earlier today, three ministers from the party -..

08.06.22 16:42 |

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