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Broken safety rope cited as cause of death of climber Atanas Skatov

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent the BNR the death certificate of Atanas Skatov who was killed in a fall below K2 peak in Karakoram, Pakistan. According to the certificate issued in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan and the hospital in..

09.02.21 13:16 |
Atanas Skatov

Body of Bulgarian climber Atanas Skatov found below K2

The body of Bulgarian climber Atanas Skatov was recovered by a Pakistani army helicopter rescue mission and flown from Base Camp below K2 in the Himalayas to the nearest town in Northern Pakistan.   Skatov fell on his way down from Camp 3 to..

05.02.21 15:03 |

Bulgarian climber disappears near K-2 peak

Bulgarian mountaineer Atanas Skatov fell while descending from Camp 3 to the Base Camp after an unsuccessful night climbing of the second highest mountain on the planet - K2 (8611 m). The news has been reported on Twitter..

05.02.21 12:04 |
Atanas Skatov

Mountaineer Atanas Skatov sets off for summit of K2

Bulgarian mountaineer Atanas Skatov is going on a climbing expedition to Karakorum Mountains at the border between Pakistan and India in an attempt to ascend K2 - the second-highest peak on the planet (after Everest). Rising at 8,611 meters above sea..

03.12.20 09:15 |

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