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Parliament approves social security update at first reading

The MPs approved, at first reading, the update of state social security which will allow pensions to be raised by 12.5% as of 1 October; 2021, for the smallest pensions there will be a special supplement which will push them up to the poverty line...

26.08.21 16:27 |
Professor Emilia Drumeva

Bulgaria’s Parliament to vote the case regarding the withdrawal of Prime Minister-designate Plamen Nikolov

On August 12, Bulgaria’s  National Assembly will vote the case regarding the withdrawal of  P rime- M inister designate  Plamen Nikolov . This was decided by an extraordinary council summonned by the National Assembly Speaker Iva..

11.08.21 14:02 |
Parliament building

The MPs did not cut down their salaries

The MPs kept the size of their salaries which equal three average monthly salaries in the public sector. The proposal to cut down the salaries of the members of parliament down to the average for the country, made by “Stand Up BG! We Are..

05.08.21 18:37 |

MPs decide against reducing their salaries

MPs' salaries remain unchanged. This has been decided by the temporary committee, which has drafted the rules for the organization and activity of the new 46th Bulgarian parliament. President of the National Assembly Iva Miteva described the..

03.08.21 18:15 |

Bulgarian MPs cancel their summer vacation

Bulgarian MPs have voted in favour of canceling their vacation and the National Assembly will not rest in August. 119 MPs voted in favour of the proposal submitted by "There is Such a People". No one opposed and two MPs abstained...

28.07.21 13:35 |
Participants in the discussion dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the new Bulgarian constitution, among them caretaker Justice Minister Yanaki Stoilov (second from the left)

Fewer MPs and shorter term of office for prosecutor general are most desired constitutional changes: survey

In a survey regarding the most desired changes to the constitution, the greatest number of respondents say they want fewer MPs, no more than two terms of office for the prime minister and a shorter term of office for the prosecutor general (currently..

14.05.21 18:23 |

Bulgaria’s State Gazette publishes names of MPs in new parliament

The results of the elections for 45th National Assembly, the distribution of seats and the names of the MPs have been published in today's issue of the State Gazette ( Darzhaven Vestnik ) . This means that President Rumen Radev..

13.04.21 09:11 |

Names of new MPs to become clear on 11 April

On election night the section election commissions will process more than 10.4 million numbers. There are more than 400 numbers in each tally sheet. By law the tally sheets have to be ready no later than 24 hours after the end of voting. The..

04.04.21 18:09 |
Polling station in the 1920s

Voting in Bulgaria was not born yesterday - Part II

After the country’s liberation in 1878, modern and democratic norms of universal suffrage were enshrined in Bulgaria’s first constitution – the Turnovo constitution. Up until World War I the MPs were elected according to the majority voting system...

30.03.21 15:11 |

Bulgarian Socialist Party MPs become volunteers in fight against Covid-19

33 Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) MPs  are joining the ranks of the volunteers in the fight against coronavirus, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova announced on Facebook. Ninova herself contracted Covid-19 and has now recovered. The MPs will be..

19.11.20 10:26 |
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