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The position towards the Republic of North Macedonia reflects what Bulgarian citizens expect: PM Borissov

“Bulgaria firmly supported the Republic of North Macedonia in its bid for membership of NATO,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at a cabinet meeting. “Bulgaria wanted most of all for our neighbours from the Republic of North..

18.11.20 15:06 |

Online international security conference, initiated by Bulgaria, opens today

An international online conference “Preparing NATO and the Allies for the Future Challenges” opens today, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. The forum will focus on security and new technologies capable of enhancing NATO’s capacity.  The..

27.10.20 06:00 |

Bulgaria's PM discusses security issues with US Assistant Secretary of State

We are grateful for the consistent support of the United States for the modernization of our armed forces. This makes our country even more secure and increases NATO's capacity, Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told Clarke Cooper, US Assistant..

22.10.20 16:01 |

Security consultations between Bulgaria and United States

The strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the United States has been a topic of discussion between Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva and Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs Clark e Cooper , who is..

20.10.20 18:29 |

There will be no rise in number of American forces in Bulgaria

During the talks of Bulgarian Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov in the USA, no additional deployment of American forces in Bulgaria was discussed, the Chief of Defense Adm. Emil Eftimov told BNT. Commenting on the r oadmap for cooperation..

12.10.20 18:11 |

Cooperation with United States is especially important at backdrop of regional security risks

The bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States in the spheres of security and defense has been praised at a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov and Marcus Tommy, Director NATO and..

06.10.20 08:56 |

Balkan Developments

NATO: Greece and Turkey set up accident avoidance hotline Greece and Turkey have set up a military hotline to avoid accidental clashes in the Eastern Mediterranean, where disputes exist over energy resources and maritime borders, BGNES..

02.10.20 15:12 |

Six F-16 fighters join protection of Bulgarian sky

As of today, six American F-16 fighters are joining the protection of the Bulgarian airspace , Bulgaria's Ministry of Defence has announced. The flying machines took part in the Thracian Cinderella 2020 exercise and will remain in Bulgaria until the end..

26.09.20 13:26 |

American F-16s to assist Bulgarian air force in air policing

Until October 30, American F-16 fighters will help the Bulgarian Air Force for air policing. The American allies will have no right to use weapons against violators of the Bulgarian airspace . The restriction has been imposed by a government decision..

23.09.20 15:25 |

Bulgarian military contingent in Afghanistan relocates

The agreement between the United States and the Taliban has brought changes to NATO's mission "Resolute Support" in Afghanistan, the Chief of Defense, Admiral Emil Eftimov has told the Focus News Agency. That is why the Bulgarian contingent is..

22.09.20 16:20 |
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