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Low water level hampers navigation on the Danube

The level of the Danube near Ruse is critically low. It is currently minus 55 centimetres. The record low is minus 73 centimetres, measured in 2003, BNT reports. Shipping has virtually stopped and ship owners are suffering..

07.08.22 17:15 |

"Materialization of Surrealism" - original works by Salvador Dali exhibited in Ruse

The art gallery in the Danubian city of Ruse hosts a unique exhibition attracting great interest. Under the title "Materialization of Surrealism", the exhibition presents 60 original works by genius artist of the 20th century, Salvador Dali...

21.07.22 12:40 |

Bulgaria and Romania working to ensure normal navigation of Ukrainian ships on the Danube

Bulgaria and Romania have been working to ensure navigation on the Danube River, both sides said at a meeting of the Danube Commission in Ruse, convened at the initiative of the EU. It has been reported that thanks to the new..

13.07.22 11:35 |

First Festival of Ritual Bread in Bulgaria to take place near the Danube

On June 25, the ruins of the medieval fortress Cherven near Ruse will become the venue of the first Festival of Ritual Bread, organized by the Regional Historical Museum in the city. The participants will show ritual breads, which are an integral part of..

25.06.22 07:10 |

Bulgarian government approves Ruse-Giurgiu Ferry Agreement

The Council of Ministers have adopted a decision approving the Agreement between the Government of Bulgaria and the Government of Romania on the opening of the Bulgarian-Romanian state border at the Ruse-Giurgiu-Ferry border checkpoint. The..

08.06.22 18:37 |

Hailstorm inflicts damage in Ruse

A 10-minute hailstorm hit Ruse at 5.50 AM this morning, with 17.5 litres of precipitation per square metre. There was a strong wind reaching 50 kms per hour. All boulevards and underpasses were flooded. Traffic was impeded by fallen branches..

06.06.22 09:39 |

Group of migrants from Afghanistan detained near Razgrad

Fourteen illegal migrants have been detained in the region of Razgrad, northern Bulgaria , the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior announced. The group was spotted on April 1 on the Ruse-Varna main road, near the junction for the village of..

02.04.22 16:51 |

Ruse hosts the international festival "March Music Days" for the 61st time

March 11 is the opening day of the March Music Days festival in the northern town of Ruse. The prestigious international festival will be held for the 61st time. Its program includes 7 orchestral concerts, 11 ensemble concerts and an opera..

10.03.22 17:30 |

Monuments of Bulgarian Liberty

After the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule , the grateful Bulgarian people erected several hundred monuments to show gratitude for the heroism and self-sacrifice of the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives for freedom...

03.03.22 09:30 |

Hotel and restaurant operators infuriated by PCR test requirement in addition to green certificate

Hotel and restaurant keepers from Sandanski will organize a protest unless the Health Ministry revokes its decision for a PCR test mandate upon entry into Bulgaria from Greece. The association of local tourist businesses sent an open letter to..

26.11.21 12:56 |

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