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Ruse State Opera

Bulgaria's city of Ruse celebrates its holiday

May 6 has been the official holiday of the Bulgarian city of Ruse on the Danube since 2002. The city was known as the "Little Vienna" after Bulgaria's Liberation from the Ottoman Rule in 1878 and today it is the fifth largest city in this country...

06.05.21 05:45 |

Partial restrictions of traffic on Danube Bridge near Ruse until April 29

In the period April 26 - 29th, traffic on the Danube Bridge near Ruse will be stopped for 4 hours every day between 20:00 and 24:00, the Road Infrastructure Agency reported. Temporary organization of traffic in a 1-kilometer..

26.04.21 10:33 |

Members of mobile election commissions in Ruse call for additional remuneration

Members of the mobile election commissions, who will enter the homes of quarantined citizens or Covid- 19 hospital wards have called for at least 25 euros of additional remuneration . This is what chairwoman of the..

02.04.21 14:44 |

Ruse to host Dragon Boat World Championships in 2025

The competition organized by the International Canoe Federation will take place in the lake of Forest Park Lipnik near the city of Ruse located along the Danube River. More than 4,000 athletes are expected to participate at the dragon..

20.03.21 07:00 |

The popular Garash Cake originates from Bulgaria

Several years after the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Rule, a young Austro-Hungarian confectioner arrived in the city of Ruse with the ambition to develop his knowledge and cooking skills acquired at a confectionery school in..

06.02.21 08:00 |

Bulgarian authorities bust scheme for fake PCR tests

The first attempt at fraud with negative PCR tests is being investigated in Bulgaria's Ruse . The fake documents were traded for 60 euros, BNT reported. A 34-year-old forger from Ruse issued false documents for negative PCR tests for travelling..

21.12.20 12:11 |

Pantheon of National Revival Heroes in Ruse shines with 23.75 karat gold–plated dome

One of the emblems of the city of Ruse – known as the most European and beautiful Bulgarian town – welcomes its visitors with a renovated gold-plated dome. The Pantheon of National Revival Heroes is located in the heart of the Danube city...

18.11.20 12:26 |

"St. Archangel Michael" rock-hewn monastery – guardian of Bulgarian history

On November 8, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the big Christian Feast of Archangel Michael and the Other Heavenly Bodiless Powers . Holy liturgies take place throughout the country in honor of the leader of the heavenly army...

08.11.20 06:00 |

Roman market opens at Sexaginta Prista Fortress in Ruse

Dairy and bee products, juices, wines, handmade jewelry, painted glass, decorations, souvenirs - this is what masters and craftsmen offer at the Roman market, which has been opened for a consecutive year at the Sexaginta Prista Fortress in Ruse . On..

26.09.20 12:27 |

78th night of anti-government protests

Under the motto "We are not afraid" participants in the anti-government protest have gathered for 78th evening downtown Sofia. Demands continue to be resignations of the Prime Minister and the prosecutor general, as well as early elections and..

24.09.20 19:27 |
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