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European Statistics Champions: We did our best to present Bulgaria in a comprehensive manner

Bulgarian students have had numerous successes in world Olympiads in mathematics, informatics, linguistics, etc. Recently, Bulgaria earned a gold medal at the European Statistics Competition. The competition for high school students is organized by the..

27.06.22 16:08 |

43 percent of Bulgarians say they are happy

The 40th consecutive global End of Year survey, which examines expectations, views and beliefs of nearly 67 thousand people from 66 countries, has found out that 68% of people in the world feel happy, while 42% are optimistic about economic prospects...

29.12.16 14:25 |

Statistics show decline in Bulgarian agriculture

The National Statistical Institute has reported that at basic prices total production of the agricultural sector in Bulgaria in 2016 reached 3.58 billion euros, which is 6.7 percent less in comparison to the previous year. The decline was due mainly to..

19.12.16 12:44 |

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