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Lubo Kirov starts his summer with a new single and album "New Heart"

Lubo Kirov is among the pop music stars in Bulgaria whose gigs have been filling the biggest venues in recent years. Every new song of his thrills the audience, which has a new reason to rejoice - a few days ago the singer released the album New Heart ...

19.06.24 10:58 |

Ersin Mustafov from JEREMY? with a solo project - "It Can't Rain Forever"

As if in tune with the rainy spring outside, Ersin Mustafov sends us the cheerful message "It can't rain forever" with his song of the same name. Since we know him as the frontman of the popular JEREMY? band by now, we welcome his first solo..

03.06.24 15:15 |

Two Hearts by Kris Gran has a video now

Following the release of his debut album 'Two Hearts' , Kris Gran presents the music video for the title track. The talented young artist composed both the music and lyrics for this original collection. Explaining his choice of title track, Kris Gran..

17.05.24 08:35 |

Fandango released their fourth album after a ten-year break

After a ten-year break, at the end of 2023, the Bulgarian rock band Fandango released their new, fourth album titled ''Like the Birds'’. The band has been working on the album for a long time. Its title track was released back in 2020. However, this..

01.02.24 13:21 |

No More Many More to present 4th studio album

It's been a steep road for the guys from No More Many More for a decade, but in that period they've made a name for themselves as a band with uncompromising messages and an undeniably recognizable style. Metodi Krastev, Radoslav Gergov, Kamen..

12.12.23 17:36 |

Lubo Kirov ends successful tour with three concerts in Sofia

Lubo Kirov will conclude his "Tour 2023" with three shows in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) - on November 8, 9 and 10. They will be the climax of a concert marathon attended by more than 12,000 people. He has sold out concert halls in..

07.11.23 14:06 |

JEREMY? - "Bury Me Deep In Love"

Over the past decade, JEREMY? has established itself as one of the leading indie rock bands in Bulgaria. The band which upholds the best traditions of this genre has numerous fans in Bulgaria and abroad. After a summer full of concerts and festival..

15.09.23 12:22 |

Photographer Ivan Shishiev: Time is the detail that is most difficult to capture in a photograph

Being a city with a history spanning more than 8,000 years, Sofia has its secrets, even for the people whose families have lived there for generations. “In Sofia, time passes according to its own rules, and to capture the city in a photograph, you..

11.09.23 10:53 |

Ostava band celebrates its birthday in late summer

Ostava band has been celebrating its birthday with a concert in the popular entertainment venue "Maimunarnika" in Sofia for over 10 years. This year the traditional event is to take place on August 30 and will feature music hits embraced by several..

30.08.23 14:49 |

Bulgarian actors Maya Bezhanska and Stefan Valdobrev reunite again in new song

30 years after the success of the album "Revolution", two of the most musical actors in Bulgaria - Stefan Valdobrev and Maya Bezhanska - reunite in the song "All my fears" . This is the title of the 29th song in a row from the Singing Artists project of..

18.07.23 12:25 |
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