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80 years since the birth of Bulgarian operatic diva Ghena Dimitrova

The Day of the Bulgarian Army, the Orthodox and folklore St. George's Day, the 6 th day of May adds yet another reason for celebration for music lovers around the world - on this date, 80 years ago, the great Bulgarian opera singer Ghena..

06.05.21 09:50 |

About the 70th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Philip Kоutev Folklore Ensemble in the present tense

70 years ago, exactly on the International Labour Day, was the first concert of the State Folklore Ensemble which today bears the name of its founder Philip Kutev. The decree on its creation was issued much earlier, but it took months to..

01.05.21 10:05 |

Verka Siderova: "Life teaches you everything"

It is a privilege to know and meet Verka Siderova whose songs bring great happiness to generations of Bulgarians. Her name is included in music textbooks and she has left a lasting mark in the history of the “Filip Kutev” National Folklore..

26.04.21 15:15 |

Outdoor exhibition in Sofia dedicated to Indonesia

Residents of Sofia and guests to the city can enjoy a photo exhibition from the largest archipelago on earth as they walk in the Crystal Garden . Entitled "Wonders of Indonesia", the exotic photos take us to sunnier and warmer latitudes...

03.04.21 13:15 |

Prof. Borislava Taneva: "We have something to give to the world"

In 2021 the oldest music academy in this country marks its 100 th anniversary. This remarkable occasion is celebrated with a rich program of major and related events as preparations started last year. We learned more from Prof...

22.03.21 17:19 |

Silvia Nikolova: Listeners loved us and in Arab countries they established Radio Bulgaria clubs

The Bulgarian language editorial team of Radio Bulgaria are the ones that together with the reporters from the former Central Information Service, have been responsible for the creation of a significant part of the articles and broadcasts that..

19.02.21 15:04 |

Radio Bulgaria and the vicissitudes of time

The different historical periods of the development of Bulgaria have put a number of challenges to the foreign-language broadcasts of the Bulgarian National Radio, known as "Radio Bulgaria". In its original form, Radio Bulgaria appeared on..

16.02.21 06:40 |

Children's radio shows in Bulgaria - original creative production with 90 years of traditions

Quite a few pages from the rich history of the oldest electronic media in this country have stored information about broadcasting specialized programs aimed at children's audience, as in the beginning broadcasts were entirely live. Their start..

25.01.21 09:50 |
The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences building

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences marks 151st anniversary

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is marking the 151 st anniversary since its establishment today with an official ceremony. The academic oration on the subject of “150 years of the Bulgarian exarchate and its link to the Bulgarian Learned..

12.10.20 07:05 |

Bulgaria marks 181 years since the birth of the Apostle of Freedom Vassil Levski, update

The 181 st anniversary since the birth of the hero of the Bulgarian national liberation movement Vassil Levski is being marked nationwide today with various events. Known in this country as the Apostile of Freedom, Levski is the ideologist and..

18.07.18 17:38 |
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