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The Ivan Vazov Museum in Berkovitsa is open throughout the week.

"Basket... full of crimson raspberries" - poet Ivan Vazov was captivated by the beauty of the Berkovitsa Balkan

Berkovitsa, a small and quiet town, immersed in greenery at the foot of the majestic peak Kom (2016 m), still keeps the memory of the most emblematic Bulgarian poet and writer Ivan Vazov. The Patriarch of Bulgarian literature lived in this town..

22.09.23 07:05 |

Bulgaria’s Navy marks 144th anniversary

The Bulgarian Navy is celebrating the 144 th anniversary of its establishment with a string of different events. The celebrations are taking place in Varna and Burgas. At 10 AM today, flowers will be laid at the Sailor Monument in the Sea..

09.08.23 07:15 |

19 July is the day of Bulgarian diplomacy

Diplomacy is defined as the art and practice of negotiation and conducting dialogues through different measures between states, groups, or people to influence the international system's decisions, events, and behaviors. The word comes from ancient..

19.07.23 06:45 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

11th anniversary since the terrorist attack at Burgas airport

The 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack at Burgas airport, in which five Israeli citizens and a Bulgarian national were killed, was marked with a commemorative ceremony. Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev also participated in the ceremony.  In..

18.07.23 17:44 |

Karlovo: The heart of the celebrations of the 186th anniversary of the birth of Vasil Levski

The town of Karlovo, the birthplace of Vasil Levski , is the centre of the celebrations marking the 186th anniversary of the birth of the Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom.  Shortly after 10 a.m. the participants in the national tourist march from Pleven..

18.07.23 06:50 |

"Signal" band celebrates its 45th anniversary with a national tour

"Signal" band, which is among the doyens of Bulgarian rock, celebrates its 45 th anniversary with a national tour. The band was founded in 1978. It released more than ten studio albums and has had thousands of meetings with its loyal fans...

17.07.23 10:28 |

The 120th anniversary of the Rose Festival in Kazanlak will be celebrated in June

The fifty-fifth edition of the pageant "Queen of Roses '2023" will be held on 19 May in the town of Kazanlak. The organizers have prepared a surprise pre-presentation of the contenders for the tiara. The show will be broadcast on large video..

19.05.23 06:45 |

The Bulgarian Olympic Committee celebrates its 100th anniversary in the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach

The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach arrives in Bulgaria on Wednesday for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee. He is expected to meet with President Rumen Radev. Thomas Bach will..

17.05.23 05:05 |

National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary

The National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, a special exhibition entitled "50 by 50" was unveiled in the presence of Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova and many official guests. The exhibition..

14.05.23 12:09 |

The 80th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews marked in European Parliament

The EU should help us make a feature film about the rescue of Bulgarian Jews and spread it worldwide, Michael Bar-Zoar, author of the documentary "Beyond Hitler's Grasp", said for the BNR. The documentary was presented in the European Parliament at..

09.03.23 10:55 |
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