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Bulgaria’s lawmakers finally adopt the amendment of the 2022 state budget

Following two days of debates, Bulgaria’s lawmakers have finally adopted the amendment of the 2022 state budget. “The MPs exercised responsibility against the backdrop of a complicated political situation. It will be difficult, yet not impossible,..

01.07.22 11:56 |
Vasil Velev

Budget update could lead to financial destabilization, employers say

Employers have expressed concerns about the proposal for updating the state budget, which is to be voted on at second reading. According to Vasil Velev, chairman of the Industrial Capital Association, the changes are likely to shake the financial..

24.06.22 18:50 |

Smaller pension rise than previously expected has been adopted

Pensions will be raised by 6.1% from July 1 due to the delayed final vote on the budget updates in the National Assembly. According to the initial intentions, each retiree should have received a 10% rise plus a supplement of 30 euros per month...

24.06.22 15:33 |

Parliament approves budget update at first reading

The MPs approved, at first reading, the update of the state budget. As of 1 July a differentiated VAT rate is being put in place – for bread VAT will be zero, for natural gas supplies – 9% instead of the current 20%. VAT on wine and beer served at..

17.06.22 09:58 |

Government debt spending is on the rise without budget update

If the budget update was not approved, the cost of servicing government debt would become higher, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev pointed out and added that the changes in the budget envisage the limit of new government..

16.06.22 18:15 |
Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov.

PM Petkov: Revision of state budget to be voted by July 1

The state budget will be revised by the end of June, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced the decision taken at last night's Coalition Council. Before the start of the cabinet meeting, he also commented on  Bulgaria's exemption from the European..

01.06.22 14:35 |

Tax freedom day in Bulgaria comes six days later

26 May is tax freedom day for Bulgarians this year. The Institute for Market Economics has estimated that this year, we have to work 146 for the state to provide the money for the treasury. The state budget envisages revenues of over 57 billion Leva..

26.05.22 10:32 |
Finance Minister Assen Vassilev

12.4% annual inflation increase in March

The annual inflation rate has accelerated in March for the 13 th consecutive month, reaching 12 . 4% as compared to 10% in February, reaching its highest level since 2008, National Statistical Institute data show. Within the space of just..

19.04.22 14:54 |

Trade union calls on museums and galleries to protest on February 22

The National Federation “Culture” with the Confederation of Labor Podkrepa called on the museums and galleries to close on February 22 as a form of protest against the “humiliating and ill-considered parematers of the funding earmarked by the..

21.02.22 10:54 |

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to receive 10 million euros in addition to its budget

The Budget Parliamentary Committee has increased the money earmarked for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences by nearly 10 million euros at the expense of the budget of the Supreme Judicial Council. The change was made during the second reading of the..

18.02.22 17:49 |

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