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Boyko Borissov

Without a state budget Bulgaria will go bankrupt after 10 June

The agreement on forming a government on a rotating basis is not a coalition between the first and the second political force, GERB leader Boyko Borisov told reporters. In his words it is responsible behavior because otherwise in June “we shall have..

23.05.23 18:31 |
Delyan Dobrev

MPs from GERB and We Continue the Change-DB oppose joint governing coalition

MP of "We Continue the Change" and former finance minister Assen Vassilev disputed the 5 billion euro capital expenditure laid down in the draft budget. According to Vassilev, the state is not ready to spend these funds...

23.04.23 14:45 |
Kiril Petkov, left, and Assen Vassilev.

We Continue the Change will not support a cabinet with GERB participation, party leaders announce

"We Continue the Change" will not support a government with the mandate or with the participation of GERB . This was announced by the leaders of the party - former PM Kiril Petkov and former Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev.  This decision was taken by..

04.04.23 18:52 |

Kornelia Ninova: BSP will not be forming a coalition with GERB

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will not cave in to the pressure  of the Party of European Socialists regarding the adoption of the Istanbul Convention while Kornelia Ninova is a chairperson of BSP. This became clear at the 50th Congress of the..

11.02.23 16:23 |

A union of democratic communities and parties aims to win the elections

"The first step of a big process" - this is how the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov defined the possible unification of his party with the coalition Democratic Bulgaria for the parliamentary elections on April 2. In his words, the..

28.01.23 14:48 |
Hristo Ivanov

"Democratic Bulgaria" want future cabinet to focus on five specific tasks

If "Democratic Bulgaria" coalition received the third presidential mandate to form a government, it would propose a cabinet with five specific tasks related to the country's membership in Schengen and the Eurozone, and with..

11.01.23 12:04 |
GERB MP Desislava Atanasova

A minority cabinet of GERB party is one of the few possible options

A minority cabinet of GERB party is one of the few possible options in the new National Assembly , the Chairperson of the parliamentary group of GERB/SDS coalition, Desislava Atanasova, said in an interview for bTV.  GERB will hold talks with all..

23.10.22 15:11 |

Coalition government is inevitable, according to caretaker prime minister

The elections were peaceful and transparent, no significant violations were found. Citizens cast their votes freely, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev said at the beginning of the government meeting. "The voters who took..

05.10.22 11:06 |
Hristo Ivanov

"Democratic Bulgaria": We will not participate in a government with GERB and MRF

"Democratic Bulgaria" will not participate in a government with GERB and MRF. " Such a government is impossible, as it would drive people to the streets. It is a recipe for destabilization of the country". Such an opinion was expressed to bTV by the..

03.10.22 18:23 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB rules out the possibility of forming a coalition with MRF

According to GERB's leader and former Premier Boyko Borissov, it would be   extremely irresponsible if  the parties represented in the future National Assembly  fail to agree on a new cabinet and the country heads to new early elections . "If..

31.08.22 19:02 |
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