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Georgi Komsalov, Boris Kalaydjiev and Yasen Nedyalkov, founders of the shared workshop

First shared workshop in Sofia opens opportunities for realizing creative ideas

A good idea is priceless, especially when one works with dedication. In small steps it becomes a reality and serves society. The embodiment of a practical and very useful idea is the creation of a shared workshop. Following the example of..

18.01.21 09:15 |

Rumyana Pencheva and her amazing collection of household items

For more than 40 years Rumyana Pencheva has been collecting authentic old household items crafted in Bulgaria through the years. Now she is owner of what is probably the biggest private collection of household articles in the country.   Looking..

11.12.20 15:00 |

Zlatograd – architectural jewel in the heart of the Rhodopes

Every year on November 21 Zlatograd celebrates its holiday with a rich program that attracts thousands of guests to the picturesque Rhodope region. The date was not chosen by chance – this is the Day of the liberation of the town from centuries..

21.11.20 05:05 |

Visiting the workshop of Rhodope master bagpiper Iliya Uchikov

The bagpipe is a traditional instrument not only for the Balkans but for the rest of Europe. In Bulgaria, two types of bagpipes are played – a s mall one called " jura " and a large " kaba ". The Rhodope region is known all over the world for the..

30.09.20 16:37 |

About the craft of sewing with love

For many years, Gyonyul Ali has been earning her living by sewing and mending clothes in the small town of Razgrad in Northeastern Bulgaria. At a time when tailors and other artisans are on the verge of extinction, she continues to cling..

06.07.20 14:25 |

Craftsman Stoyan Marinov creates folk costumes for the world stages

On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29), called by Bulgarians Petrovden , we also celebrate the Day of Craftsmen. In Bulgarian lands ancient traditions related to handmade jewelry, national costumes, household items and other items..

29.06.20 07:00 |

“Christmas weaving loom” for children and curious adults

You have to love children a lot to come up with a program like this. More than 200 workshops have already been conducted and it all started back in 2015. Quite in the spirit of modern life, children learn using their hands in order to feel..

11.12.19 16:35 |

Anyone can spin potter’s wheel in Rositsa Zankova’s Oreshak atelier

Everyday Rositsa Zankova uses shapeless clay to sculpt everlasting beauty with her potter’s wheel. She practices this traditional craft in the most artistic Bulgarian village of Oreshak near Troyan, upgrading it with modern techniques and..

01.09.17 13:49 |

Spring Craft Fair begins in Plovdiv

Bulgarian craftsmen and their guest colleagues from Serbia and Macedonia gave the start of the 5 th  consecutive edition of the traditional Spring Craft Fair in Plovdiv. This year a total of twenty five crafts are presented at the fair. An open air..

19.04.16 14:53 |

European days of artistic crafts in Gabrovo, Elena, Teteven

The towns of Gabrovo, Teteven and Elena are hosting today and tomorrow the European days of artistic crafts. This international project was launched in France, and later other European countries joined in, including Bulgaria . It seeks to promote..

02.04.16 11:54 |
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