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Kiril Ananiev

The budget deficit will probably reach 6%: GERB

Calculated on the basis of the 2022 budget submitted, the deficit for this year is envisaged at 4.1%, commented Kiril Ananiev from GERB party at a briefing, as quoted by BTA. However, Kiril Ananiev says, that is not the real figure because at..

22.01.22 14:36 |

Bulgaria maintains its objective of replacing the Lev with the euro in 2024

Even though the deficit will exceed the criteria for entry into the Eurozone, Bulgaria maintains the objective of introducing the single currency in 2024. This is made clear by the convergence programme for the 2021-2023 period voted by the..

10.05.21 18:47 |
Boyko Borissov

PM Borissov: Bulgaria has the lowest deficit and external debt in EU

“Bulgaria ended 2020 and is starting the new year with the lowest deficit in the EU,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during a visit to Varna. “This country has the lowest external debt and is managing its finances, the economy and the health..

04.01.21 11:38 |

Amidst pandemic Bulgaria registers good fiscal policy

According to preliminary Ministry of Finance data, the budget deficit at the end of December amounted to 1.8 billion euro, or 3% of the GDP which is a better result than the 4.4% set down in the updated version of the budget for 2020. In..

01.01.21 16:22 |
Latchezar Bogdanov

Economist Latchezar Bogdanov: The budget is not addressing the problems

“The budget does not focus sufficiently on the effectivity of spendings, or on attaining certain goals in politics,” Latchezar Bogdanov from the Institute for Market Economics commented for the BNR. The biggest budgeting problem is what the..

25.10.20 11:42 |

Bulgaria’s balance of payments for May positive after two months of deficit

In May this year Bulgaria’s current account registered a positive balance after two consecutive months of deficit,  Bulgarian National Bank data indicate. However, the positive balance amounts to a mere 82.1 million euro. By way of comparison,..

19.07.18 13:29 |
Left to right: The ministers of health, social policy and finance - Kiril Ananiev, Biser Petkov and Vladislav Goranov

National budget for 2018 now in effect

The new national budget comes into effect today. It envisages a deficit of 1 billion 100 million Leva, even though last year the treasury ended the year with a surplus of close to 800 million Leva. According to the parametres of the 2018..

01.01.18 15:31 |

NSSI expects 350 million euro in extra revenues next year

The deficit of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) will decrease by 150 million euro in 2017 following the increase of pension security contributions by one percentage point and of retirement age and the work record needed for retirement..

17.10.16 15:56 |

Brexit to slow down Bulgaria economic growth

The decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union will slow down economic growth in Bulgaria and as a result the budget deficit is likely to go up, Unicredit Bulbank has said. According to the bank the shock of Britain’s decision will cause a..

05.07.16 17:44 |

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