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Budget deficit of 3% for 2023 is achievable

It is achievable to keep to a deficit of 3 percent, Petar Ganev, senior researcher at the Institute for Market Economy has told BNR. "We don't have pitfalls in the budget that are insurmountable. With a strict position of the finance..

25.07.23 11:53 |
Assen Vassilev

Finance Minister Assen Vassilev presents budget for 2023

The budget deficit to be set down in budget 2023 will be 3% on an accrual basis. In the words of Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, that means a deficit of 4.5 billion Leva (euro 2.31 bn.). Minister Vassilev presented the main parameters of the draft..

20.06.23 17:55 |

Businesses, trade unions and what they are expecting of the new government of Bulgaria

The National Assembly unanimously approved, at first reading, a decision to extend the deadline for collecting revenue, and making payments and transfers from the state budget until a budget for 2023 is adopted. The definitive decision on the state..

09.06.23 13:53 |

The caretaker cabinet’s draft budget will lead to an excessive deficit procedure, the Fiscal Council says

The draft budget, with a deficit of 6.4%, contradicts the Public Finance Act. Caretaker cabinet approves 2023 draft budget In a Fiscal Council position sent to parliament, experts recommend measures for restricting the deficit in the..

28.04.23 18:05 |

Caretaker cabinet approves 2023 draft budget

Following the approval of the 2023 draft budget, the caretaker cabinet decided to table it to the National Assembly. According to the draft budget, the budget deficit for 2023 is set at 6.4% of the country’s gross domestic product.  According to..

28.04.23 14:47 |
Korneliya Ninova (C) at the BSP briefing

Bulgarian Socialist Party: The caretaker cabinet wants us to legalize their lawlessness

“The Bulgarian Socialist Party is not going to support the draft budget of the caretaker government,” said Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova, adding that the state budget was anti-social, and included unjustified expenses and..

25.04.23 15:56 |

Boyko Borissov: With a 6.4% deficit we can forget about the Eurozone

“If the budget deficit set down by the caretaker government remains at 6.4% we can forget about the Eurozone,” GERB leader Boyko Borissov said at a press conference. Caretaker cabinet proposes a 2023 state budget with a 6.4% deficit..

22.04.23 16:04 |

Caretaker cabinet proposes a 2023 state budget with a 6.4% deficit

The caretaker government is proposing a state budget bill for 2023 with a deficit of 6.4% of the GDP, or more than twice the 3% required by the Eurozone criteria . This was announced at a briefing by Prime Minister Galab Donev and Finance Minister..

21.04.23 19:10 |
Vasil Velev

BICA: The budget deficit will reach 7% if nothing changes

The national priorities must be Schengen membership by the end of this year, entering the Eurozone by January 2025 and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by 2026, said the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association..

14.04.23 17:25 |
Plamen Dimitrov

Public anger over prices may turn to disapproval voting at 2 April election, CITUB president says

Officially, the total inflation in Bulgaria for the past two years stands at over 28%, and it has impacted every household in Bulgaria. Against the backdrop of this figure, the trade unions in the country are demanding that all people, whose salaries..

28.03.23 11:10 |
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