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The 45th National Assembly and how it is receding into history

The shortest-lived National Assembly in the country’s modern history. That is the briefest description that can be given to the last Bulgarian parliament and its work. During its lifetime, lasting less than one month, the 240 members of..

11.05.21 09:10 |
Angelina Samsonova before the Parliament buiding in Pretoria

Angelina Samsonova: We, Bulgarians in Durban dream of having a Bulgarian Sunday school

On the shores of the Indian Ocean, in South Africa, there is a town with a population of three million, a city as vibrant as if it has brought together the entire world in one place. But that is what the whole of the Republic of South..

16.02.21 14:10 |

Sofia should rely on negotiations, not emotions regarding Bulgarians in Ukraine

At its first meeting after the lifting of restrictions due to Covid-19, the Council for Work with Bulgarians Abroad under Vice President Iliana Yotova has discussed current issues of Bulgarian communities in historical diasporas . One topic on the..

17.06.20 14:22 |

Reversing demographic crisis requires new emigration policy: Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov

To solve Bulgaria’s demographic issues efforts in the coming 3.5 years will be aimed at boosting birthrate, cutting youth emigration and promoting a new emigration policy. This was the answer of Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov to..

10.11.17 16:11 |
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