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Parvan Simeonov

Parvan Simeonov: If Bulgarians are humiliated over North Macedonia that would be the last straw for the public’s patience

The public in Bulgaria do not want elections because they do not see an alternative, so they are still giving the current government a chance. “The government has a chance to remain in power, and all those predicting its fall are getting ahead of..

19.05.22 11:02 |

8 formations would enter Parliament if elections were now: Trend

8 political formations would enter the Parliament if elections were held today, indicates a sociological survey by Trend agency, commissioned by 24 Chassa newspaper. 19% of the respondents assess positively the work of the National Assembly, down..

16.05.22 10:08 |
MPs Hristo Ivanov and Iva Miteva

Ruling coalition in disagreement over return of paper ballots in elections

The partners in the ruling coalition cannot agree on the return of the paper ballots , it became clear after their meeting. Yesterday, the Bulgarian Socialist Party submitted this proposal to the office of the National Assembly.  "We, ITN party,..

12.04.22 17:18 |

"We continue the change" with 19,6% support, GERB - with 14,2%

"We Continue the Change" enjoys the declarative electoral support of 19.6% of adult Bulgarians, GERB is in second position with 14.2% . This is according to the regular monthly independent survey of Gallup International Balkan, conducted..

22.02.22 16:37 |

Bulgarians abroad do not intend to return to their home country permanently:poll

Bulgarians living abroad do not intend to return to their home country permanently, the results of a survey conducted by the popular brain gain community Tuk Tam show.  Those who do not rule out such a possibility say it may happen in the long term...

25.01.22 16:27 |
Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova

Iliana Yotova: The government has 100 days to prove itself

Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova, who officially assumed office for her second term, called on the new government to put more order in its messages and actions. “They do not have one hundred chances, they have one hundred days. Otherwise, this..

23.01.22 11:34 |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks Bulgarians abroad for assistance in organizing elections

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its gratitude to Bulgarian communities abroad for their assistance in organizing the election process around the world. In the presidential and vice presidential election..

22.11.21 16:38 |

What does voters’ reluctance to go to the polls at the presidential runoff tell us?

The 4 th election day for 2021 registered an extremely low voter turnout in the country, barely clearing 30% (30.3%). Rumen Radev, who, according to inconclusive results wins the presidential election, commented the low motivation of the voters,..

22.11.21 09:14 |

CEC: Record voter turnout among Bulgarians abroad

Record election activity outside the country in the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14 was reported at a briefing by CEC spokesman Tsvetozar Tomov. More than 200,000 Bulgarians have exercised their right to vote..

17.11.21 20:05 |

Bulgaria’s economy against the backdrop of inflation, coronavirus pandemic, elections and expectations for growth

The autumn economic forecast of the European Commission and the medium-term macroeconomic three-year framework of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance have been recently published. Brussels expects Bulgaria to mark a 3.8-percent GDP growth this..

16.11.21 13:56 |
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