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According to the president, early elections should be held after September 15

August is not the best month for an election campaign and elections should not be held before the middle of September. This was what President Rumen Radev, who participated in the "Bank of the Year" awards ceremony, said. "I am..

05.07.24 08:48 |
Professor Ognyan Gerdzhikov

Ognyan Gerdzhikov: It is time for a change in the electoral system and the emergence of a new meaningful political project

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev has issued a decree convening the first session of the newly elected 50 th National Assembly on June 19, 2024. At the recent snap elections, Bulgarians sent seven political formations to the new parliament. The first..

19.06.24 06:15 |
Silvia Basile

The anti-system voting from abroad and how 18-year-old Silvia casted a ballot for the first time

The dramatically low voter turnout and resorting to protest voting are trends that are deepening among Bulgarians abroad, sociologists claim. Judging by the last few snap elections, the profile of our voter s abroad is multifaceted and .....

13.06.24 11:52 |
Rumen Radev in Shabla

President Radev does not say when he will convene parliament

“I expect the participants in the elections to make a thorough analysis of the reasons why we have reached such a deep chasm between Bulgarians and parties. The refusal of the majority to take part in the elections speaks for itself - they do not..

12.06.24 14:02 |

President Rumen Radev congratulates the Prime Minister of India on his third term in office

President Rumen Radev congratulated Narendra Modi on his re-election for a third term as Prime Minister of India. I am convinced that our joint efforts will contribute to the continuation of friendship and partnership between..

11.06.24 11:16 |

Seven political formations enter new Parliament with 100% of tally sheets processed

"GERB-SDS" is the first political force in the vote for the national parliament held on June 9 with 100% of the election protocols processed, the Central Election Commission announced. The results are: GERB-SDS – 24.7% with..

11.06.24 08:55 |

Seven formations enter new Parliament with 93.53% of tally sheets processed (update)

"GERB-SDS" is the first political force in the elections for national parliament with 93.53% of the tally sheets processed, announced the Central Election Commission. The results as of 4:00 pm on June 10 are: GERB-SDS – 24.63% DPS  –..

10.06.24 17:15 |

Bulgaria has voted! Where are we heading to now?

Election fatigue, extremely low voter turnout (just over 30%), more young people at the polls and a fragile, barely perceptible hope for stability and political normality. This is how we can describe the past election Sunday for..

10.06.24 16:11 |
Delyan Peevski

DPS wins the votes of Bulgarians abroad, Velichie overtakes GERB

According to data available as of 2:00 pm on June 10, with 97.40% of the tally sheets processed, The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) wins the votes of Bulgarians abroad in the parliamentary elections held on June 9. The results, published on the..

10.06.24 15:01 |

Bulgaria and the European elections

The elections for European Parliament on June 9, 2024. passed without particular upheavals for the leading political formations. The European People's Party and the Socialists remain in charge, and they will probably continue to..

10.06.24 14:53 |
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