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Balkan developments

Turkiye to hold a presidential runoff on May 28 Turkiye will hold a presidential runoff on Sunday, May 28. This is the first time Erdogan faces a second-round run-off vote as a presidential candidate. The presidential race pits incumbent head..

26.05.23 13:08 |

Many Bulgarians in the Republic of South Africa choose to return to their home country

There are Bulgarians in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) with different political views. Unfortunately, this divides people even here, the President of the Association of Bulgarians in the Republic of South Africa Yordan Radkev said for BTA. Many..

14.05.23 11:12 |

GERB: There will either be a cabinet with our first mandate, or new elections

The chairwoman of the GERB parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova, after the negotiations with the Vazrazhdane party, said that it is important for them to have a regular government that implements the budget . "It is imperative that we share the..

05.05.23 12:26 |

Central Election Commission announces final results of the vote

GERB-SDS won the early parliamentary elections with 669,924 votes and received 69 seats in the 49th National Assembly. "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition received 621,069 votes and will have 64 MPs. "Vazrazhdane"..

07.04.23 08:50 |

The call of the "silent majority" in Bulgaria

Demonstration of elitism, informed decision or political ignorance is behind the latest record in Bulgaria's post-totalitarian political history? In Sunday's election for the parliament, 105,893 voters marked the NOTA, or "None of..

05.04.23 14:15 |

Without a regular government, GERB will not support the 2023 budget

The only thing that the new National Assembly should do is form a regular government, said Boyko Borisov, leader of the GERB party that won the parliamentary elections on April 2. He believes that whatever the cost to the parties, new elections would..

05.04.23 13:29 |

Six formations enter new Parliament with 100% of tally sheets processed

With 100% of tally sheets processed, "GERB-SDS" coalition retains a lead over the second-placed coalition "We Continue the Change   - Democratic Bulgaria".  The results as of 17:55 local time on 3 April are:  GERB-SDS  - 26,51%, or 669,361..

03.04.23 18:58 |

Prosecutor's office opens 140 pre-trial proceedings for election violations

The prosecutor's office has opened 140 pre-trial proceedings and 859 files for crimes against citizens' political rights, the institution announced.  The data refer to the period from the beginning of the election campaign until today.  The..

03.04.23 15:55 |

MRF is the undisputed winner among Bulgarians abroad

With 99,86% of the protocols of the polling stations counted outside the country , the Movement for Rights and Freedoms - MRF won the most votes. They received 62,906 ballots or 36.86% of the votes abroad.  According to the Central Election..

03.04.23 13:50 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev, caretaker interior minister

Interior Ministry reports no buying of votes was allowed in the elections

The election process ended without serious incidents . We managed to cope with the task of ensuring the security of the elections, said the caretaker Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, presenting summarized data on the work of the police during the..

03.04.23 13:43 |
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