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Alpha Research: 1 in 2 Bulgarians do not approve of the adoption of the euro, 58% say they will easily adapt to it

58% of Bulgarians believe it will be easy for them to adapt to the euro , indicates a sociological survey on the attitudes of the public and of businesses to the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria, conducted by Alpha Research and commissioned by..

19.12.22 13:42 |

Alfred Kammer, IMF: It's important for Bulgaria to focus on adopting the euro

"The accession to the eurozone will bring many positives to Bulgaria", said Alfred Kammer, Director of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund. "I think it's important for Bulgaria to focus on adopting the euro, because that will..

11.12.22 13:40 |

Iliana Iotova calls for awareness-raising campaign on Bulgaria’s accession to the Eurozone

Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova attended a conference named "Bulgaria in the eurozone". Iliana Iotova called for an awareness-raising campaign to answer people's questions and address their concerns about the effects of the introduction of..

09.12.22 12:03 |

Political instability in Bulgaria fuels apprehensions over the country’s entry into the Eurozone

The advantages of Bulgaria’s joining the Eurozone by far outweigh the risks, and now, more than 20 years after the introduction of the currency board, when the Bulgarian Lev was first pegged to the Deutsche mark and then to the euro, many experts are..

08.12.22 14:47 |
Rositsa Velkova

The caretaker government continues to work for Bulgaria's accession to the euro area

Raising the minimum wage from EUR 363 to EUR 435 is a very high increase, interim Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova told BNR. She exlained that a rise of 5 euros leads to a budget deficit of 25.5 million euros. There should be an increase, but not like..

04.12.22 16:55 |

Bulgarian National Bank increases base interest rate to 1.3%

"The Bulgarian banking sector is stable. The country's accession to the eurozone is a macroeconomic and political catalyst that should not be missed, said  National Bank  Governor  Dimitar Radev before the conference "Banks and Business in Bulgaria..

01.12.22 11:51 |

Bulgaria's National Assembly tasks the government with speeding up the process of adopting the euro

Bulgaria’s National Assembly tasked the government with speeding up the process of adopting the single European currency on January 1, 2024 and set the exchange rate at 1,95583 Leva for 1 Euro. The proposal was put forward by the largest..

28.10.22 10:33 |

National Bank Governor: Eurozone membership is above all a political matter

There is a real risk that Bulgaria will not be able to join the eurozone on January 1, 2024, the Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank Dimitar Radev warned during a hearing in the National Assembly. "The delay in joining the euro area is..

27.10.22 19:20 |

Economist: Do not pump money from the budget into the economy

“The idea of pumping money from the budget into the economy is absurd. That is only going to boost inflation. Because of the expected lower GDP growth rate, or even possible decline, we need to restrict spending but investment expenditure should..

26.10.22 16:53 |
Atanas Pekanov

The World Bank to consult Bulgaria on key reforms

" The implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan in Bulgaria has entered a key phase . It  includes many investment projects and  reforms that have been delayed for years. The World Bank will consult Bulgaria on some of..

17.10.22 19:04 |
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