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Exhibition presents Bulgarian writers from across the world

An exhibition of nearly 100 books by Bulgarian authors from 23 countries on six continents has opened in the National Library. The project is part of an initiative by Vice President Iliana Yotova, which includes meetings with..

13.10.21 15:50 |

Bulgaria Today – July 27, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Tuesday, July 27 th we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about an interesting exhibition in the town of Samokov. At the end, we bring you some new..

27.07.21 18:09 |

The colorful world of Bulgarian embroidery exhibited in Samokov

In the middle of summer, the mountain resort of Borovets welcomes its guests with its well-marked paths that lead to the secrets of the Rila Mountains. But if you want to combine your mountain vacation with cultural tourism, we recommend visiting..

27.07.21 16:37 |
Malko Tarnovo street

Thousand-year old history of Sofia’s shortest street Malko Tarnovo presented tonight

At 7.30 tonight, archive material will tell the story of one of Sofia’s shortest streets (a mere 60 metres) – Malko Tarnovo – as part of a project “Malko Tarnovo – the street of time”. A temporary exhibition highlighting stories from different..

16.07.21 06:15 |
Balchik Palace

Exhibition in Balchik Palace makes tourists acquainted with Bulgarian crafts

The exhibition entitled "Bulgarian folklore preserved in crafts, encoded in embroidery" includes unique works of art and is now open to visitors. The exhibition is arranged in the Palace in the Black Sea town of Balchik and can be seen until July..

06.07.21 05:05 |

Bulgarian actors support animal adoption campaign

Actors from the Sofia Theater are the new ambassadors of the Ecobalance campaign in support of the adoption of pets - "Don't buy! Adopt!". Some of the most popular people in the theatre company and some even accompanied by their children stood..

04.07.21 09:05 |

Magical Lapis specularis illuminates artifacts from ancient Serdica

Is it possible for an archeological museum to be the most suitable place for a modern art exhibition? The answer can be found in the spacious central hall of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia, where the exhibition "Lapis specularis. Underground Light”..

03.07.21 09:30 |

Dozens of museums and galleries in Bulgaria open their doors on the European Night of Museums

The 17 th edition of the European Night of Museums will provide free access to more than 40 art galleries and museums in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia . The cultural routes will start in the late afternoon of July 3 rd and end at..

02.07.21 11:55 |

Works by Martina Vacheva and Nedko Solakov presented at international exhibition in Berlin

The main goal of the exhibition is to present the current artistic horizons of Europe, examining contemporary European art after the fall of the Iron Curtain and pointing out the importance of intercultural dialogue today. The exhibition features..

08.06.21 06:15 |

“The silver of the Thracians” exhibition on display in Burgas

The exhibition “The silver of the Thracians”, belonging to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ National Archaeological Museum, is on display at the archaeology museum in the Black Sea city of Burgas.  The exposition features 70 of the most renowned..

02.06.21 06:05 |
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