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Spring and autumn require more caution on the road

The decline in the number of road accidents in the first two months of 2021 is insignificant. According to statistics, there were 689 serious road accidents on Bulgarian territory. 50 people died and 858 were injured in road accidents. The..

19.04.21 15:07 |

Revocation of basic rights because of fines is unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has unanimously declared the revocation of a driver's license and banning of cars from the road over unpaid fines unconstitutional . The case was initiated at the request of ombudsman Diana..

23.03.21 15:18 |

Court declares it illegal to stop people at border for unpaid fines

The Supreme Administrative Court has ordered t he practice of issuing penalty decrees for unpaid fines under the Road Traffic Act at the Kulata-Proma c hon as and Ilinden-E x o c hi b order c rossings to be stopped , the court's..

13.11.20 09:24 |

Bulgaria imposes high fines under GDPR

Bulgaria is among the EU countries  imposing the highest fines under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has been in place for two years.  This country ranks 9 th with fines imposed amounting to 3 . 21 million euro , Buy..

21.10.20 17:16 |

100 euro fines for parking violations in Sofia

Fines of 200 Leva (102 euro ) for parking violations are being introduced in Sofia as of mid-October . Urban Mobility Centre officials will monitor violations on the entire territory of Sofia. The fine will not be paid in cash but to a..

06.10.20 14:20 |

Useful tips for tourists: Driving in Bulgaria

The safest option for traveling short or long distances during a pandemic remains using a private car. Foreign citizens arriving to Bulgaria by car should follow the rules and comply with speed limits and road conditions. Many roads are being..

10.07.20 14:02 |

It is illegal to stop travellers at border because of unpaid fines

Bulgaria's  Constitutional Court has ruled that unpaid fines cannot be collected at the borders and the travel of Bulgarian citizens cannot be restricted, lawyer Ivan Todorov has told the BNR . However, the exact same mechanism has been introduced..

08.07.20 10:05 |

Stopping people at border because of road fines violates fundamental freedoms in EU

Stopping people at the border because of unpaid road fines violates fundamental freedoms in the EU, said the Association for Consumer Protection, which will send a signal to the European Commission over the illegal stopping at Bulgarian borders...

28.06.20 16:44 |

Heavy fines for passengers without masks in public transport vehicles in Sofia

Mass checks whether masks are being worn in public transport vehicles are starting in Sofia today. Passengers without masks will be fined and forcibly removed from the vehicles with the help of police. The fines are BGN 300-1000 (EUR153-511)...

11.05.20 09:12 |

Police imposes over 400 fines for violations of ban on visits to parks, quarantine

So far, police officers have imposed over 400 fines for violations of the ban on visits to parks, gardens and the gathering of more than two people in one place in public. There are almost the same number of cases of violation of the imposed mandatory..

31.03.20 14:16 |
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