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Fishermen take video of beaver in Bulgarian waters of Danube River

Fishermen have filmed a beaver in the Danube River near the village of Dolni Vadin . Its appearance in the Bulgarian section of the river is curious, because according to biologists the species has long since disappeared from Bulgaria.  In 2020,..

17.05.22 10:43 |

Varna fishermen demand fishing ban over naval mines findings in neighboring countries

Despite the assurances of Bulgarian Navy that the  Bulgarian waters are actively monitored and no mines have been found so far, representatives of fishing associations from Varna have demanded a suspension of fishing for several months and a..

29.03.22 15:03 |

Fishermen in Burgas celebrate St. Nicholas Day for a second time this year

In the fishing village of Chengene Skele near Burgas, fishermen celebrate St. Nicholas Day once again, now according to the Julian calendar. The holiday is celebrated by blessing the boats and throwing wreaths and flowers into the..

19.12.21 10:52 |

St. Nicholas Day is one of the most beloved Christian winter holidays in Bulgaria

In the calendar of the Bulgarians, December 6, also known as Nikulden , is a particularly solemn holiday in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra. He was born in the 3-rd century in Patara in Asia Minor. He led a righteous monastic life, helped the poor..

06.12.21 09:00 |
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