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National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev starts national tour dedicated to its 70th anniversary

The National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev started the celebrations on the occasion of its 70 th anniversary with three concerts held in three consecutive evenings. Initially, the events were scheduled for 2021, but were postponed due to the..

03.03.22 09:31 |

Bulgarians exchange martenitsa for health and peace

The month of March is here and the promise of spring is in the air. On the first of March Bulgarians adorn themselves with martenitsa, this wonderful symbol of spring, the exchange of which is always accompanied by wishes for health, joy and prosperity..

01.03.22 08:33 |

Philip Koutev ensemble celebrates 70th anniversary

The Philip Koutev national folklore ensemble is celebrating its 70 th anniversary with a series of concerts. On three consecutive nights – 18,19 and 20 February – the ensemble will present its shows “The beginning”, “The road” and “Heritage”..

18.02.22 07:10 |

A winter’s tale of kukeri, and how tradition is passed down from father to daughter

They are clad in genuine animal skins weighing 30-40 kgs. each, wear horns and all kinds of different-coloured charms. They sometimes hide their faces behind fearful masks, at other times they show their weather-beaten faces. Their pictures..

02.01.22 09:10 |

Surva, Happy New Year and wishes for health and prosperity!

Since unknown times Bulgarians have welcomed January 1 with the wishes of the survakari, who continue to visit homes of people on the first day of the New Year: “Surva, a Happy New Year, a golden wheat-ear in the field, a red apple in the..

01.01.22 12:15 |

Christmas blessings for health and prosperity

The magical sound of the bagpipe, the captivating rhythm of Christmas songs, the power of Christmas incarnations- all this is part of the rituals aimed to protect the community and ensure sound health and well-being. Groups of young men go round..

25.12.21 08:00 |

Bulgarian singer Todor Kozhuharov: The folk song is a universe and will always enchant us

With "The Magic of the Song", as he titled his repertoire book, renowned Bulgarian folk singer Todor Kozhuharov marks his 50 th artistic anniversary. A velvety voice, exquisitely mastered ornaments, inspiration and signature performance style have..

22.12.21 12:07 |

How the Survakari tradition can unite Bulgarians and foreigners

The first hours of the New Year in Bulgaria begin with the custom of survakane - a group of children or young men going from house to house carrying a specially decorated stick called "survachka" and patting family members with it, expressing..

15.12.21 14:10 |

International competition on a quest for preserved Bulgarian embroidery motifs

“Bulgarian Sparks 2016” community centre in the town of Dobrich (Northeastern Bulgaria) runs an international competition for authentic or reproduced original Bulgarian embroidery motifs. By 15 December 2021, contestants must submit a sample..

20.11.21 09:05 |

Olga Borisova has passed away

The great Bulgarian folk singer Olga Borisova passed away at the age of 80, her colleagues from the Svetoglas formation said. "Olga Borisova went through life with the aspiration of sublime and pure ideas, turning them into..

22.09.21 13:50 |
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