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This year’s festival “In the square of the other Bulgaria” presents rose-picking rituals

Bulgarian folklore groups from different European countries will be singing and dancing at the 8 th edition of the festival “In the square of the other Bulgaria”. The event is taking place on 3 and 4 June in the capital of Czechia Prague, and is..

03.06.23 07:05 |

“Kafal sviri” is the latest project by talented Gabriela Ivanova from Dublin

Gabriela Ivanova is a 13-year-old teenage singer who lives in Dublin. The young talent has had several successful musical projects with famous Bulgarian musicians. Her latest project has been recently released, showing the entire..

18.05.23 17:07 |
Nedyalka Keranova

Remembering folk singer Nedyalka Keranova

April 24 marked the 82 nd anniversary since the birth of Nedyalka Keranova- one of the most remarkable voices of Bulgarian folklore, who passed away in 1966 at the age of 55. Our listener and friend Noris Balabanyan who lives in the USA and whose..

08.05.23 05:05 |

In Strandzha, everyone sings in harmony with nature

‎"Folklore gives us the most generous gifts - strength, health, love and comfort," ‎says Bulgarian folk singer Zlatka Stavreva. Known among connoisseurs as the ‎‎"white swallow of Strandzha", she tirelessly conveys to young people her love ‎for songs..

28.04.23 09:50 |

Bulgarian song performed at opening of International Cultural Rose Festival in China

Surrounded by the tropical beauty of Hainan island in China, Yanitsa Stamenova and Vasilena Vasileva from the Prof. Asen Diamandiev Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art in Plovdiv opened the International Cultural Rose Festival in Sanya with a..

27.04.23 17:13 |

The largest Bulgarian folklore festival in North America starts

37 ensembles from 14 U.S. states and 7 dance groups from Canada will participate in the largest Bulgarian folklore festival in North America - "Verea". Its 13th edition starts on April 27 with a screening of the film "Kaval Park", but..

27.04.23 14:40 |

Down Under: Bulgarian folklore as a passion and inspiration for ‎Bulgarians in Australia

‎"I think that Bulgarian folklore is in our blood, it is genetically embedded in us" ‎‎- this is the start of our conversation with a patriotic Bulgarian woman living ‎‎“down under” who manages to introduce generations of Bulgarians to Bulgarian ‎folk..

19.04.23 14:54 |

Mellow or wild - Bulgarian folk music has it all

She is retired employee of the Netherlands Post Office, free now to dedicate her time to her great passion - Bulgarian folk music. Ingrid Veeninga, 77, is Dutch. She lives in Amsterdam and never skips a rehearsal of Chubritsa - one of the most..

19.01.23 18:51 |

Kukeri from all over Bulgaria prepare for festival in Simitli

More than 7,000 people will take part in the XIX Kukeri Games Festival "Simitliya - The Ancient Land of Kukeri" this weekend (January 14-15) in the town of Simitli. Traditionally, every year on the second Saturday of January..

14.01.23 07:10 |

A Bulgarian folk song sounds again in an Oscar contender

At the beginning of February, the Bulgarian audience will see the premiere of The Banshees of Inisherin directed by Martin McDonagh. The film is among the favorites for the Oscar, starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. At the Venice Film..

07.01.23 11:05 |
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