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Prominent musician and folklore expert Prof. Stefan Chapkanov dies aged 82

The city of Burgas and Bulgaria lost a prominent figure in folk music – Prof. Dr. Stefan Chapkanov. One of the most celebrated musicians and folklore experts died at the age of 82. The composer is known as a conductor, a pedagogue, founder..

18.11.20 15:17 |

President’s Badge of Honor for folkore singer and pedagogue Tsvetanka Varimezova

President Rumen Radev has presented the B adge of H onor of the head of state to folk singer and music pedagogue Tsvetanka Varimezova. She has been on the stage for 40 years and has participated in over 2,000 concerts. She..

12.10.20 18:56 |

Todor Todorov – the living encyclopedia of folklore

Among Bulgaria’s folklore musicians Todor Todorov is a true legend. For his knowledge of Bulgarian folklore, especially the performers, he is respected by the most thorough of researchers. And he learnt it all by himself – from recordings and..

11.10.20 06:00 |

Kichka Hristova – music is true salvation in these difficult times

In 2020 Bulgaria’s folk singer Kichka Hristova marks several important events, including the 20 th anniversary of Galatea folklore formation with Vasil Levski-1927 Community Center in Galata residential district in Varna. She also celebrates..

11.10.20 04:30 |

The Moon – sister of the Sun in Bulgarian mythology

Just as the Moon is the constant companion of the Earth, it has invariably accompanied humans since time immemorial, affecting our emotions and beliefs. In ancient times the effects of the Moon were calculated with great precision. In..

10.10.20 04:45 |

The apron – a characteristic accessory of Bulgarian women in the past

Once upon a time, the Bulgarian woman used to make her own clothes, choosing the materials, colours and elements, and the apron was a kind of a “introduction card”. It could be used to tell which place the woman was from, how wealthy..

04.10.20 04:45 |

Nina Nikolina’s “Magical voices of Bulgaria” with premiere tonight

“Traditions” is no ordinary concert, it is a show that tells the story of Bulgaria’s singing traditions – from ancient times down to the present day,” says Nina Nikolina, singer, leader, music producer and conductor of the “Magical..

29.09.20 11:31 |

"To return to your native house" – a Bulgarian woman in the Czech Republic

Bulgarian Nadia Surelova-Novotna, with the artistic pseudonym Nadia Surel, has been living in the Czech Republic for 20 years. She graduated from the Arts High School in Sofia, and has been working in interior design in a small town..

26.09.20 06:15 |

Alevis in Ludogorie region - known and unknown

They rarely allow external influences, live with their traditions and diligently preserve their identity. Alevis are shrouded in mystery and sometimes it is difficult for others to understand them. They are scattered in different..

30.08.20 06:05 |

Traditional Bulgarian belt buckles - mysterious array of symbols and messages

Belt buckles, called pafti are a typical Bulgarian folklore ornament. You will easily recognize them as an element of folk costumes from various regions of Bulgaria. These decorative accents from traditional Bulgarian clothing can be found..

30.08.20 05:00 |
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