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Gourmet festival in Sofia this weekend

This weekend, 4-5 June, Sofia is hosting the 6 th edition of the gourmet festival Bacchus StrEAT Fest. The festival is being held at Sofia’s most popular market – Women’s Market, BNR-Sofia reports. The organizers are promising live music..

04.06.22 06:30 |

Old Plovdiv hosts Wine and Gourmet Festival

This weekend, 14 and 15 May, visitors to Plovdiv will be given an opportunity to taste the produce of more than 40 wineries from all over the country, as well as of over 20 food manufacturers. A total of 67 food and beverage manufacturers are..

14.05.22 11:59 |

"Truffle Hunting" adventure gourmet tour starts near Balchik

Alternative tourism has been flourishing in comparison to traditional tourism during the pandemic. Such is the new gourmet adventure tour "Truffle Hunting" near Balchik. The National Association Bulgarian Truffle is looking forward to..

18.05.21 07:05 |

Online and mobile guide presents itineraries and culinary destinations in cross-border region between Bulgaria and Turkey

A website and a mobile application provide information about tourist itineraries and culinary destinations in the border regions between Bulgaria and Turkey. They were developed as part of a project for the promotion of gourmet food and wine..

24.07.18 12:38 |

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