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Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor’s office: Ivan Geshev’s appearance for hearing in parliament constitutes violation of Constitution

In a press release, the prosecutor’s office states that Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev’s appearance for a hearing at the ad hoc parliamentary committee on police brutality constitutes a violation of the Constitution. Yesterday the National..

18.08.21 12:39 |
Minister Rashkov before the parliamentary hearing

Boyko Rashkov: The existence of the “horror film” was known and it was concealed

“There is no data whether any of the four police officers who perpetrated the violence against protesters on 10 July last year have been held criminally responsible or whether criminal proceedings have been initiated against any of them. On the..

17.08.21 15:57 |

Bulgaria's new Parliament to revise work of Boyko Borissov's government

Today's first regular sitting of the 45th National Assembly was expected to begin with a hearing of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on the recovery and sustainability plan. Instead, however, Borissov announced that he was going on leave as..

16.04.21 07:10 |

European Parliament demands answers from Bulgarian authorities on judicial reform, rule of law

The Monitoring Group on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights (DRFMG) in the European Parliament is not satisfied with the answers it received to written questions sent by it to the Bulgarian authorities about the course of the judicial reform,..

15.12.20 13:27 |
Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev ready to present report on prosecutor's office’s activities in parliament

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has informed the President of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva, by letter, that he is ready to present the activities of the prosecutor’s office, as required by the constitution. In the letter, posted on..

23.07.20 18:21 |
Anton Kutev

Opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party requests hearing of prosecutor general in parliament

The parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, has submitted to parliament a request for a hearing of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev before parliament. The MPs are requesting that the prosecutor general present a report on his..

22.07.20 13:31 |
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