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“Waking up with a horo dance” to bring together Bulgarians from all over the world

On Bulgaria’s national day, 3 March, the initiative “Waking up with a horo dance” will bring together, for the 6 th year running, Bulgarians in this country and around the world. Thousands of Bulgarians from all corners of the planet plan to..

11.02.21 11:08 |

Measures against Covid-19 cannot stop Epiphany ice horo dance in Kalofer

In the town of Kalofer, t he traditional men's horo dance  in the Tundzha River on Epiphany was held once again despite the anti-epidemic measures. Led by a bagpiper and a drummer, men in traditional folk costumes went to the..

06.01.21 11:47 |

The beauty of Bulgaria’s folk dances

Colorful costumes, captivating music, horo chain dances and melodic songs evoking a volcano of emotions… The Bulgarian warm-blooded chain dances, most often performed in uneven rhythms, are an integral part of Bulgaria’s business card..

29.11.20 05:00 |

Bulgarian horo dance in Copenhagen

Downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, on the square in front of the municipality of Frederiksberg, a big Bulgarian horo has taken place. The dance was organized for the sixth consecutive year by the Dilmana Folk Dance Group (Copenhagen), which in 2020..

01.09.20 15:37 |
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